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CUB in Action – some simple examples using the CUB template library

In my previous post, I presented a brief introduction to the CUB library of CUDA primitives written by Duane Merrill of NVIDIA. CUB provides a set of highly-configurable software components, which include warp- and block-level kernel components as well as … Continue reading

Introducing CUDA UnBound (CUB)

CUB – a configurable C++ template library of high-performance CUDA primitives Each new generation of NVIDIA GPUs brings with it a dramatic increase in compute power and the pace of development over the past several years has been rapid. The … Continue reading

SC13 Highlights

If you asked around at SC this year, some attendees might have told you there wasn’t much new going on. It’s true that not every company was launching new hardware with 2X performance, but there were significant announcements. Some are … Continue reading

5 Easy First Steps on GPUs – Accelerating Your Applications

This week NVIDIA provided a tutorial outlining first steps for GPU acceleration using OpenACC and CUDA. This was offered as part of the “GPUs Accelerating Research” week at Northeastern University and Boston University. After attending, it seemed appropriate to review … Continue reading

Hadoop isn’t just for Web 2.0 Big Data Anymore. Hadoop for HPC.

In 2004 Google released a white paper on their use of the MapReduce framework to perform fast and reliable executions of similar processes / data transformations & queries at terabyte scale. Yahoo then began the Hadoop project to support their … Continue reading

GPU Performance without GPU Coding

I think everyone in the HPC arena has heard plenty about GPUs. GPUs aren’t sophisticated like CPUs, but they provide raw performance for those who know how to use them. The question for those who have large computational workloads has … Continue reading