Why Microway

From sales to integration to tech support, you will work with professionals who live and breathe high-performance. Take advantage of our decades of experience and know you’re not alone in trusting Microway.

We’re Good Listeners

Systems are designed, integrated and installed with collaboration between Microway’s technical teams and your designated admins. For those without dedicated IT facilities or admins, Microway is able to offer guidance on industry best-practices.

Turn-key Customization

Microway offers customized systems to fit any budget, and will gladly assemble a proposal to match your requirements. Your design specifications and quotation will be prepared by our expert team members.

Benchmarking on Microway Systems

Groups still evaluating the options are welcome to contact us for remote access to benchmark systems. We are confident we can provide a high-performance experience, regardless of your application.

Delivered Ready-to-Run

Microway systems are thoroughly tested at our factory before shipment to your site. The operating system, software tools, libraries and compilers are configured and integrated. Thorough stress tests ensure stability for both the hardware and the software stack. Upon delivery, you may install the equipment in your own racks or arrange for installation by one of Microway’s cluster integrators.

Supported for Life

Telephone support is available for the lifetime of the system by Microway’s in-house experienced technicians from our Plymouth, MA facility. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology in life sciences, universities, commercial and government research count on our expertise.

Microway Speaks HPC & AI

Our client list includes organizations from one-man engineering shops to Fortune 500 enterprises and government research laboratories; and from small colleges to the largest academic institutions. We understand the challenges you face and will help you meet them. Microway has received recognition from our customers, our partners and 3rd-party institutions.

Our Core Values

With over 42 years in technical computing, Microway speaks HPC & AI. We deliver unmatched computing deployments to customers with demanding workloads— with integrity and excellence.

Customer Focus

We listen to, respect, and anticipate the needs of our customers. As HPC & AI experts we can help you design or refine the right solution for your application. We build solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations — and back that up by providing technical support for the lifetime of your system.


Our commitment to quality is uncompromising. Every system we ship undergoes meticulous design and rigorous testing, ensuring it performs reliably under the most demanding conditions. Your deployment arrives ready to rack, power on, and run applications.

Technical Leadership

Our team is experienced in delivering technology at the bleeding edge of computing. We’re experts in integrating the latest hardware from our partners. If it launched yesterday, last week, or earlier this year we can build it. When large vendors are still qualifying the latest solutions, we’re delivering them.


Microway upholds the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our interactions. We build relationships based on trust and understanding, and we always believe in doing the right thing for our customers.

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