Microway speaks HPC

Our products are designed, manufactured and supported by professionals who live and breathe high-performance. Take advantage of our decades of experience and know you’re not alone in trusting Microway.

Whether you’re looking for a single computer or a fully-integrated compute cluster, we choose only the highest-performing components. Any system you select will provide exceptional performance.

With over three decades of experience, Microway’s team knows how to leverage the newest technologies into reliable products. Our suppliers are the leaders in high-performance, whether it be CPUs, memory, accelerators, storage, networking or software.

Our Products



Bleeding edge, quiet supercomputing performance at your desk with WhisperStation.


Rackmount Servers

High performance servers for your datacenter, thoroughly tested and integrated.


HPC Clusters

Custom designed clusters for maximum HPC throughput. Built upon Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA processor technology.



Enterprise class storage solutions providing superior reliability, redundancy, and performance.


HPC Storage

High performance clustered storage with parallel filesystems.

We’re Good Listeners

Systems are designed, integrated and installed with collaboration between Microway’s technicians and your designated IT personnel. For those without dedicated IT facilities, Microway is pleased to offer guidance on industry best-practices.

Turn-key Customization

Microway offers customized systems to fit any budget, and will gladly assemble a proposal to match your requirements. Your design specifications and quotation will be prepared by our expert team.

Our proposals include all necessary specifications for your facilities personnel to verify suitable power and cooling. Those without centralized IT may speak with a technical account manager to ensure painless delivery and installation of their new compute resources.

Delivered Ready-to-Run

Microway systems are thoroughly tested at our factory before shipment to your site. The operating system, software tools, libraries and compilers are configured and integrated. Thorough stress tests ensure stability for both the hardware and the software stack.

Supported for Life

Telephone support is available for the lifetime of the system by Microway’s experienced technicians. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology in life sciences, universities, commercial and government research count on our expertise and attention to detail.

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