Rackmount Servers

Microway servers are custom designed by our technical sales team, to end user specifications, and incorporate the expertise gained from over 3 decades of working with state of the art HPC hardware. After building a basic server from the highest quality hardware building blocks, our integrators perform rigorous stress testing on all components until they meet our exacting standard of quality. Next we perform the complete Linux or Windows software integration necessary to run user applications. The server is delivered primed for “out of the box” performance.

Microway servers are available with the following technologies:

Traditional CPU-Based Servers


NumberSmasher Xeon Servers

NumberSmasher servers are powered by leading-edge Xeon Scalable Processors. With industry-leading floating point, integer, and memory performance, Xeon CPUs are the building blocks of HPC servers with superior performance. CONTINUE READING…


Navion EPYC Servers

Navion servers feature AMD EPYC CPUs. Each offers large memory capacity, exceptional memory bandwidth, and extremely cost-effective performance. CONTINUE READING…

Servers with Accelerators:

Tesla GPU Servers

Tesla GPU Servers

NVIDIA Datacenter GPU Servers/Tesla GPU Servers servers incorporate the latest NVIDIA A100, A30, Tesla V100, and Quadro GPUs. Our Tesla GPU-powered servers offer unparalleled speedups on pre-ported applications, GPU-enabled libraries, or custom CUDA code. Available in many GPU:CPU ratios. CONTINUE READING…



Advance to the bleeding edge of AI with new standard for AI infrastructure. NVIDIA DGX AI Systems are built from the ground up for AI applications and have an NVIDIA optimized and validated AI software stack. CONTINUE READING…

Microway’s server platforms are designed to meet or exceed our customer’s performance, platform, and application requirements. Our over-riding goals are to provide the highest possible application performance, excellent performance per watt, and superior ROI. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology rely on our expertise and attention to detail.

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