Pre-Configured Systems

Chassis Photo of the NVIDIA DGX H100


The Gold Standard for AI Infrastructure DGX H100 is the AI powerhouse that’s accelerated by the groundbreaking performance of the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU. The system is designed to maximize AI throughput, providing enterprises with a highly refined, systemized, … Continue reading


DGX+Parallel Storage Building Blocks for Scale Out AI NVIDIA DGX POD is an NVIDIA®-validated building block of AI Compute & Storage for scale-out deployments. Designed for the largest datasets, DGX POD solutions enable training at vastly improved performance compared to … Continue reading
DGX A100 Hero Image


The Universal System for AI Infrastructure Note: NVIDIA announced an End of Sale Program for DGX A100, with final purchases by January 31, 2024. We recommend contacting Microway for guidance on replacement solutions not limited to NVIDIA DGX H100 and … Continue reading

AI Anywhere Solution

AI Anywhere Solution Configurations 13 NVIDIA DGX-1 AI Systems and NetApp Storage with DDC Cabinets + Water Distribution System and Micro-Chiller Solution Scale Out AI Anywhere without a Datacenter Specifications No AI-Ready Datacenter Required: Roll, Off, Connect Power, and Ready … Continue reading
Photo of DGX A100 Open

EOL – NVIDIA DGX Station A100™

Workgroup Workstation Appliance for the Age of AI Note: NVIDIA announced an End of Sale Program for DGX Station A100 in December 2022. Unless you are augmenting an existing DGX Station A100 deployment, we recommend contacting Microway for guidance on … Continue reading

Data Science WhisperStation – NVIDIA Data Science Workstation

The Only Quiet Workstation for End-to-End Accelerated Data Science Marry a complete data science software stack to GPU accelerated performance with Data Science WhisperStation. Data Science WhisperStation arrives with a full NVIDIA-approved GPU accelerated data-science stack ready for your toughest … Continue reading
Photo of Microway WhisperStation with a screenshot of NVIDIA DIGITS

WhisperStation™- Deep Learning

Ultra-Quiet Computing for Deep Learning Researchers Note: NVIDIA has reached the end of their production runs for Titan RTX and RTX 2080Ti GPUs. Microway’s custom-liquid cooled configuration builds with these GPUS have therefore been suspended, but our team can still … Continue reading
Screenshot of COMSOL multiphysics running an example model: axial field magnetic gear in 3D

WhisperStation for COMSOL

Incredible COMSOL Performance, Quietest Configuration Available Microway experts, backed by years of architecting for COMSOL and testing of real world COMSOL models, will challenge convention and deliver you a better workstation for COMSOL. WhisperStation for COMSOL custom configurations deliver top-end … Continue reading


A Powerful AI System for the Most Complex AI Challenges Tackle the world’s most difficult AI problems with an extremely powerful AI system. The NVIDIA® DGX-2™ delivers 2 petaFLOPS of deep learning performance in a single system—combining the power of … Continue reading
Photo of the NVIDIA DGX-1 GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning Appliance

EOL – NVIDIA DGX-1™ Deep Learning System

Purpose-built Appliance for Deep Learning, with NVIDIA Tesla® V100 GPUs Note: NVIDIA® announced an End of Sale Program for DGX-1 in Summer 2020. Long term DGX-1 with Tesla V100 support may be ending soon. Unless you are augmenting an existing … Continue reading