Microway Cluster Management Software (MCMS)

A Cluster Management Suite for Microway HPC Clusters

As Microway’s default cluster management option, MCMS is designed to optimize your end-user and administrative productivity. Built atop open-source tools, Microway expertise in hundreds of cluster shipments, and your requirements, MCMS delivers an optimal set of tools so you can make the most of your cluster.

Every MCMS installation supports:

  • Node Control
  • Fan Speed and Temperature Measurement
  • Maintenance Execution on one or Many Nodes
  • Visual and email alerts based upon cluster conditions
  • Ganglia-based node monitoring

Single-Pane Monitoring

See the temperatures, fan speed, utilization and operational status of your entire cluster in a single window

Rapid Node Deployment

MCMS NodeRestore allows you to deploy OS, application images across the cluster or distribute updates

Easy Backup

MCMS NodeBackup allows you to save key cluster software images, application mixes, or known-good configurations

Simple BIOS/Firmware Updates

MCMS allows you to remotely update the BIOS and Firmware of your entire cluster, without entering the datacenter

Email and Visual Alerts

Helps you determine when your cluster isn’t operating properly through condition-based cluster alerts

Direct Node Control

Quickly launch a console or KVM instance directly into any compute node in your cluster

Questions and Price Inquiries

MCMS is available exclusively for Microway clusters. If you would like to learn more please contact one of our HPC experts.

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