Performance Architecture for Next-Generation HPC
Microway NumberSmasher Xeon Clusters, Servers, and Workstations

As an Intel Titanium Level Partner and HPC Datacenter Specialist, Microway offers numerous products leveraging Intel’s high-performance technologies. Microway’s NumberSmasher systems integrate the latest “Cascade Lake-SP” Xeon Processor Scalable Family CPUs.

Our award-winning Intel Xeon-based systems provide ultimate performance for your applications. Designed for complex applications in HPC, life sciences, financial services and the enterprise, NumberSmashers are offered with one to eight processors and high-speed memory.

The latest Enhanced Intel “Cascade Lake-SP” architecture delivers the following improvements:

Comparison chart of Intel Xeon Cascade Lake SP vs Skylake-SP for applications with AVX-512 instructions

Performance Comparisons with AVX-512 (click to expand)

More Throughput for Your Dollar: Improved core counts, clock speeds

  • Higher core counts for many SKUs in the stack, for greater absolute performance
  • Large improvements in price-performance for a given SKU in the stack
  • Higher base clock speeds at many core counts

Intel Deep Learning Boost Instructions (VNNI)

  • Up to 4X improvement in DL Inference performance
  • Software enablement in most major DL frameworks

Support for Intel Optane Datacenter DIMMs with 3 groundbreaking modes

  • Dramatically lower cost high-memory configurations (in Memory Mode)
  • Persistent memory that survives power failure (Persistent App Direct Mode, with properly enabled software)
  • Ultra-fast SSD-like block storage in your DIMM socket (Storage App Direct Mode)

Increased memory bandwidth for improved HPC application performance

  • Support for DDR4-2933 DIMMs
  • Increase in base memory speeds for many SKUs

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