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NumberSmasher Intel Xeon Solutions from Microway

Microway delivers Intel Xeon cluster, server, and workstation solutions for HPC & AI. As an Intel Titanium OEM Patner and HPC Datacenter Specialist, our experts can design, integrate, and deliver you superior designs for any demanding computing requirement.

Intel Xeon-Based Solutions

Photograph of Microway's WhisperStation Quiet Workstation running a Molecular Dynamics visualization


Ultra-Quiet Intel workstations

  • Up to 2 Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Ultra quiet fans and chassis

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Microway NumberSmasher Server


High performance Intel Xeon servers

  • Up to 8 CPUs and 32TB DDR5 memory
  • 1U-6U Configurations

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Microway NumberSmasher Cluster

Xeon Clusters

HPC clusters from 5-500 nodes

  • 5 nodes to multi-rack configurations
  • Various accelerator densities available

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Why Intel Xeon?

Intel Xeon CPUs are the dominant server CPUs by shipment worldwide today. Increased core count, increased memory bandwidth, new instructions, and the latest I/O features ensure the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors deliver the throughput your demanding applications need.

Intel’s 4th Gen Xeon Scalable “Sapphire Rapids-SP” architecture improves each of these aspects and ushers in a new CPU core architecture for improved integer and floating point performance. Optimized for cloud, enterprise, AI, HPC, network, security and IoT workloads, 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors come with 8 to 60 powerful cores at a wide range of frequency, feature and power levels.

New “Sapphire Rapids-SP” CPU Architecture

Improved integer and floating point, faster UPI links, and more memory per socket. Brand new AMX instructions for superior AI training performance

Increased Core Count: up to 60 cores

Higher core count for the top model and more cores for SKUs in the middle of the stack for HPC

50% More Memory Bandwidth

Support for the latest generation of DDR5-4800 DIMMs improves memory bandwidth per socket by 50% over the previous generation

Transformative I/O with PCI-E Gen 5 and CXL 1.1 support

Deliver 2X the bandwidth to storage, accelerators, and fabric devices with PCI-E Gen5 + support new coherent accelerator and memory interconnects with CXL

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