Performance Architecture for Next-Generation HPC
Microway NumberSmasher Xeon Clusters, Servers, and Workstations

As an Intel Platinum Technology Provider, Microway offers numerous products leveraging Intel’s high-performance technologies. Microway’s NumberSmasher systems integrate the latest “Broadwell-EP” Xeon E5-2600v4 2-socket, E5-4600v4 4-socket, and “Broadwell-EX” E7-8800v4 4-socket CPUs.

Our award-winning Intel Xeon-based systems provide ultimate performance for your applications. Designed for complex applications in HPC, life sciences, financial services and the enterprise, NumberSmashers are offered with single, dual, or quad processors and high-speed memory.

The latest Xeon E5-2600v4 series processor features include:

Plot of Xeon E5-2600v4 Theoretical Peak Performance (GFLOPS)

Floating-point performance
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High Performance Intel “Broadwell” architecture

  • Up to up to 22 processor cores per CPU
  • Improved CPU instructions with reduced latencies
  • Improved support for large datasets

AVX 2.0 Instructions for HPC Performance

  • FMA3 with up to 2X the FLOPS per core (16 FLOPS/clock)
  • 256-bit wide integer vector instructions: 2X the width of the previous generation

Quad-Channel DDR4 2400MHz Memory

  • Support for up to 1.5TB memory per CPU
  • Vastly increased memory performance with LR-DIMM and 3 DIMMs per channel configurations
  • Reduced power consumption: 1.2v for every DIMM

C610 Series Chipset for Improved IO

  • Up to 10 SATA3 ports without an add-in controller
  • USB 3.0 native to the chipset

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