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NVIDIA® Professional Visualization Systems from Microway

NVIDIA Professional Visualization systems are designed from the ground up for users running intense Graphics, Rendering, vGPU, or 3D design workloads. Microway has decades of expertise designing, building, testing and integrating systems that meet the demands of professionals in every domain.

Key System Advantages

Professional-Class GPUs

Configured with NVIDIA RTX™ Professional or NVIDIA Datacenter GPUs with ECC, certified drivers, and long-term support

Large GPU Memory

Professional visualization systems are designed with GPUs featuring the largest memory size. Increased framebuffer ensures your largest renders or simulations fit inside the GPU. Virtualized workloads support the largest number of clients.

Ray Tracing

Dedicated RT cores perform real-time ray tracing for many applications

Thorough Testing & Integration

With over 35 years delivering systems for demanding users, your visualization system is customized and tested by a Microway expert

Available Systems

WhisperStation - RTX Professional

WhisperStation – RTX Professional

Ultra-Quiet Professional Workstation

WhisperStation supports up to 2 NVIDIA RTX Professional GPUs for your application

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NumberSmasher 4U Tower/GPU Server

NumberSmasher 4U Tower/GPU Server

Flexible configuration up to 4 NVIDIA RTX A6000, RTX A6000 Ada, NVIDIA L40, or A40 GPUs

NumberSmasher 4U/Tower is our most flexible system for professional visualization workloads

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Octoputer Server

Octoputer 4U 8/10 GPU Server

Maximum scale with up to 8/10 NVIDIA L40 or A40 GPUs

Octoputer is designed for the largest visualization workloads

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