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Microway Clusters with NVIDIA Datacenter GPUs

Microway’s fully integrated NVIDIA GPU clusters deliver HPC & AI performance at a lower power, lower cost, and using many fewer systems than CPU-only equivalents. Our experts can design a GPU deployment for your organization.

What Makes a Microway GPU Cluster Different?

Architected by Actual HPC & AI Sales Engineers

Share the details of your application or code. Microway experts will help you evaluate hardware platforms for your application. Then, they’ll help design a custom configuration tuned to your specific needs and budget.

NVIDIA HPC & AI Software Integration

Our team integrates all the NVIDIA drivers, HPC & AI software, and SDKs that enable you to start working from day 1. Your cluster is also delivered with GPU-aware cluster management software and schedulers tested on real accelerated HPC/AI jobs.

Intensive Burn-in Testing

Every Microway cluster receives up to 1 week of burn-in testing. This includes GPU stress tests designed to identify hardware faults and “infant mortality.” Your cluster is qualified at our facility, not yours. So you can get to work faster.


Our Experience in GPU Systems

We’ve been delivering NVIDIA GPU Clusters for longer than NVIDIA datacenter GPUs have existed. Microway has hundreds of satisfied customers & thousands of GPUs in the field, and we’ll apply that expertise to your successful deployment.

Sample Cluster Types