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Navion 4U GPU Server with 8/10 NVIDIA GPUs

Scale Out AMD EPYC Server with High GPU Density

Navion 4U GPU Server delivers a high-density 8/10 NVIDIA® H100 NVL, H100, or L40S Tensor Core GPU configuration.

Support the highest GPU density with up to 10 NVIDIA Datacenter GPUs and 400Gb InfiniBand— either direct attached or with PCI-Express switches.

All hardware and software is preinstalled and tested prior to shipment. These servers can be custom-configured to exact user specifications.

Navion 4U GPU Server with 10 NVIDIA GPUs

Key Features

Integrated with NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit and optionally NVIDIA NGC Containers and NVIDIA AI Enterprise Suite, these servers are ready to run applications on Day 1.