Ocean And Weather Modeling

Share our expertise: whether you’re applying for a grant, writing a proposal for startup funds, or need to expedite a quote through the purchasing system, we can help.

Many departments leverage their own scientific codes in addition to employing widely-used applications. In either case, we can design a system which provides exceptional performance and meets your budget.

Most commonly, these are the types of systems we build for modeling clients:

  • Quiet, High-Performance WhisperStation with optional integrated NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs
  • Fully-integrated compute server with large storage (100TB+) and/or large memory (1TB – 24TB)
  • Turn-key HPC cluster including storage networking, rack, power and UPS
  • Storage servers, RAIDs, storage clusters and LUSTRE

Your software application may include one of the following:


None of the above fits your situation?

Please reach out to us. We custom-tailor systems every day and are eager to help.

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