Government and Defense

Microway works with a myriad of government agencies, prime contractors and sub-contractors. We would be pleased to help you define a configuration before you begin the RFQ process.

GSASchedcroppedWhether you’re acquiring resources for your own project or working with requirements handed down from above, we can design a robust system within your budget that provides exceptional performance. Most of Microway’s offerings are available on our GSA IT schedule 70 (Contract #47QTCA23D00AC). We also offer our products on the NASA SEWP, the ORNL Vendor Marketplace, and U.S. Air Force NETCENTS2 contracts (through partners).

Most commonly, these are the types of systems we build for government and defense:

  • Quiet, High-Performance WhisperStation with optional integrated NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs
  • Quiet HPC clusters for a large office or small lab
  • Fully-integrated compute servers with large storage (100TB+) and/or large memory (1TB+)
  • Turn-key HPC cluster including storage, networking, rack, power and UPS
  • Storage servers, RAIDs, storage clusters and LUSTRE
  • Equipment to update or enhance performance of an existing computer resource; options include storage and GPU add-ons

Your software application may include one of the following:

Abaqus, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Mechanical, CST Microwave Studio, Gaussian, LAMMPS, LSMS, LS-DYNA, Mathematica, MATLAB, MOLPRO, MSC Nastran, OpenFOAM, Quantum Espresso, Q-CHEM, S3D, Star-CCM+, TeraChem, VASP, WRF

None of the above fits your situation?

Please reach out to us. We custom-tailor systems every day and would be happy to provide a design for your specific challenge.

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