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About Justin Foley (for Microway)

I'm a developer with a background in particle physics. My background is in Lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics (LQCD), which is a numerical treatment of the Strong nuclear interaction and a significant HPC application. I currently spend most of my time contributing to QUDA, a library for performing LQCD calculations on NVIDIA GPUs.

CUB in Action – some simple examples using the CUB template library

In my previous post, I presented a brief introduction to the CUB library of CUDA primitives written by Duane Merrill of NVIDIA. CUB provides a set of highly-configurable software components, which include warp- and block-level kernel components as well as … Continue reading

Introducing CUDA UnBound (CUB)

CUB – a configurable C++ template library of high-performance CUDA primitives Each new generation of NVIDIA GPUs brings with it a dramatic increase in compute power and the pace of development over the past several years has been rapid. The … Continue reading

CUDA Code Migration (Fermi to Kepler Architecture) on Tesla GPUs

The debut of NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture in 2012 marked a significant milestone in the evolution of general-purpose GPU computing. In particular, Kepler GK110 (compute capability 3.5) brought unrivaled compute power and introduced a number of new features to enhance GPU … Continue reading