WhisperStation™ – Quadro®

NVIDIA® Quadro® GV100 or Quadro RTX with NVIDIA® NVLink in a Quiet Workstation

NVIDIA Quadro GV100 and Quadro RTX pair powerful visualization support with the world’s most advanced GPU architectures for AI & Deep Learning. WhisperStation featuring Quadro GPUs provides the quietest, most powerful GPU computing workstation with up to 4 NVIDIA Quadro GV100 (Computation, AI) or Quadro RTX (Visualization & AI) GPUs.

The high-fidelity visualization capabilities of the latest generation Quadro GPUs enable you create complex scenes, models, and renders with greater precision and in less time. Moreover, NVIDIA RTX technology enables the world’s first realtime ray tracing.

Unparalleled design, simulation, and visualization technology is now available at your deskside!

Visualization and Deep Learning

Adding Deep Learning & AI to your visualization workloads is now easier than ever. Quadro GV100 is a world class deep learning GPU, with all the capabilities of the Tesla V100 datacenter GPUs including:

  • New TensorCore unit for DL Training
  • Over 118.5 TensorTFLOPS of Deep Learning performance in Quadro GV100
  • NVLink 2.0 connections between GPUs
  • Free Access to NVIDIA GPU Cloud Containers

Use this AI prowess to inject artificial intelligence capability into your work. Whether it’s training based upon your existing renders to determine what to run, or simply adding a new Deep Learning project for your team, WhisperStation with Quadro GPUs will enable you to become an AI trailblazer in your organization.

  • Quiet GPU Computing with up to 4 x NVIDIA Quadro GV100 or Quadro RTX GPUs
  • Up to 53 TFLOPS of performance with 20,480 CUDA® Cores in Quadro GV100 configuration
  • Up to 56 cores
  • Up to 2 TB DDR4 memory
  • In Quadro GV100 configuration, each GPU delivers:
    • 32 GB High-Bandwidth HBM2 memory and ECC support
    • 5120 CUDA Cores with Unified Memory and Page Migration Engine
    • 2X, Two-Way NVLink 100 GB/s connectors for scaling across two GPUs (200GB/sec bidirectional BW)
    • Memory bandwidth of up to 870GB/sec
    • SYNC compatibility for massive visualization environments (ex: display walls)
  • NVIDIA CUDA installed and configured – runs CUDA codes on first powerup!
  • One or Two Processor Sockets:
    •  Intel Xeon; Xeon Scalable Processor “Cascade Lake-SP” CPUs (clock speed: up to 3.8 GHz)
  • Six-Channel DDR4 2933 Mhz ECC/Registered Memory (6, 8, 12, 16 slots— 6 or 12 DIMMs recommended)
  • Additional space for visualization-dedicated Professional Graphics Card
  • (9) Fixed 3.5” 6Gbps drive bays for 162 TB storage
  • Up to Eight PCI-Express devices
  • Dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Removable Storage:
    • CD, DVD Read / Write / Re-Write (optional Bluray)
    • Front and rear USB 3.0 ports
  • 1500W 80 PLUS Titanium certified quiet power-supply
  • PGI Accelerator Compilers for CUDA GPUs with OpenACC support
  • LCD Monitors, 5K, 4K, and 3D Displays
  • Storage Expansions of 864 TB+
  • UPS power backup and surge suppression
  • 10G/25G/50G 100G Ethernet, ConnectX-5 EDR 100G InfiniBand
  • Has room for four GPUs + up to 3 additional PCIe cards

Supported for Life

Our technicians and sales staff consistently ensure that your entire experience with Microway is handled promptly, creatively, and professionally.

Telephone support is available for the lifetime of your workstation by Microway’s experienced technicians. After the initial warranty period, hardware warranties are offered on an annual basis. Out-of-warranty repairs are available on a time & materials basis.

System Price: $12,300 to $83,000

Each Microway system is customized to your requirements. Final pricing depends upon configuration and any applicable educational or government discounts.

Call a Microway Sales Engineer for Assistance : 508.746.7341 or
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