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Estimating the Performance of a New Computer System

Transistor density doubles every ~2 years. Ideally, this means we can provide you computers that contain twice as much memory and perform twice as fast. In practice, it’s much more nuanced. Benchmark Your Application The best performance comparison will always … Continue reading

Common Maintenance Tasks (Workstations and Servers)

The following items should be completed to maintain the health of your workstation or server. For compute clusters, please see Common Maintenance Tasks (Clusters). Backup non-replaceable data Remember that RAID is not a replacement for backups. If your system is … Continue reading

Power and Cooling (Single-Computer Installations)

This article applies to computers which consume less than 1920 Watts of electricity. Review your quote or contact us to determine how much your system will require (the power and cooling numbers are typically listed at the end of the … Continue reading