OpenACC accelerated matrix multiplier

OpenACC compiler directives have been applied to various loops, and a data region is declared around an iterative loop in main()
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DateFebruary 24, 2016
John Murphy

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My background in HPC includes building two clusters at the University of Massachusetts, along with doing computational research in quantum chemistry on the facilities of the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center. My personal interests and academic background encompass a range of topics across science and engineering. In recent work, I used the GAMESS quantum chemistry package in order to study theoretical highly strained hydrocarbon structures, derived from prismane building blocks. I also recently authored a small software application in Python for generating amorphous cellulose within a periodic space. This application was used for generating structures for further study in NAMD and LAMMPS. Prior to doing research in Quantum and Materials Chemistry, I worked on problems related to protein folding and docking. It is very exciting, especially, to be involved with applications of GPU computing to these, as well as to other scientific questions. For several years, while not doing research, I was a consulting software engineer and built a variety of internet and desktop software applications. As an HPC Sales Specialist at Microway, I greatly look forward to advising Microway's clients in order to provide them with well-configured, optimal HPC solutions.
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