Pre-Configured Systems

Microway’s GPU-Accelerated Workstation for CST STUDIO SUITE®

Achieve a 14X Speedup with Tesla GPUs, CST STUDIO SUITE, and Microway Microway’s NumberSmasher® GPU-accelerated platforms are now available pre-configured for CST STUDIO SUITE. They deliver accelerated performance in your office or lab. Rackmount Server with up to 4 or … Continue reading
WhisperStation - Maximus for 3D Design

WhisperStation™-Maximus for 3D Design

NVIDIA Maximus for Design and Rendering Professionals WhisperStation- Maximus for 3D Design unleashes the interactive potential of industry-leading applications like Bunkspeed, Maya, and 3ds Max. The graphics and computing power of NVIDIA Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs minimizes rendering times and maximizes interactivity … Continue reading

WhisperStation™-Maximus for ANSYS

NVIDIA Maximus for ANSYS Fluent and Mechanical WhisperStation- Maximus for ANSYS provides engineers dramatically faster deskside FEA and CFD simulation. NVIDIA Tesla GPUs combined with the visualization power of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics provide the power for model sizes and … Continue reading

WhisperStation™-Maximus for Adobe® Creative Cloud®

NVIDIA Maximus technology for Adobe® Creative Cloud® Digital video and graphics professionals are always looking for easier, faster ways to deliver great results. WhisperStation- Maximus for Adobe Creative Cloud applications satisfies their demands with more effects, more layers, and faster encoding … Continue reading


More TFLOPS, Fewer Watts – Microway BioStack™-LS Modular, Extendable, Managed Tesla GPU Cluster for Life Sciences View other Microway Tesla Clusters The Microway BioStack-LS is a modular, extensible cluster for life science researchers. It provides dense compute power that’s easy … Continue reading