Pre-Configured Systems

Photo of the NVIDIA DGX Station - Deep Learning Workstation

NVIDIA DGX Station for Deep Learning

Purpose-built Workstation for Deep Learning AI NVIDIA’s DGX Station workstations offer exceptional performance for deep learning and AI. The DGX Station brings NVIDIA’s groundbreaking AI capability to your desk. Each workstation arrives fully integrated with NVIDIA’s NGC Deep Learning software … Continue reading
Photo of Microway WhisperStation with a screenshot of NVIDIA DIGITS

WhisperStation™- Deep Learning

Ultra-Quiet Computing for Deep Learning Researchers Designed for deep learning research, this WhisperStation features a high-speed 6-core Xeon “Broadwell” processor, 64GB DDR4 memory, four NVIDIA TITAN Xp GPUs, an SSD for the operating system, 6TB of high-speed RAID10 storage (with SSD … Continue reading
Photo of the NVIDIA DGX-1 GPU-Accelerated Deep Learning Appliance

NVIDIA DGX-1 Deep Learning System

Purpose-built Appliance for Deep Learning, with Tesla V100 GPUs As Deep Learning enters the mainstream, NVIDIA DGX-1 is uniquely positioned to provide the best performance when training neural networks and running production-scale classification workloads. To be successful, data scientists and … Continue reading
Photo of Microway's GPU Server for Large Electronic Simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE

GPU-Accelerated Server for Large Electronic Simulations in CST STUDIO SUITE®

Improve Simulation Times on Large Electronic Structures with Tesla GPUs, CST STUDIO SUITE, and Microway Microway’s NumberSmasher® GPU-accelerated servers provide a pre-configured platform for CST STUDIO SUITE. These systems are 4U rackmount servers supporting up to eight NVIDIA Tesla P100 … Continue reading

Bio-Research Accelerator

4-socket, GPU accelerated life sciences computational platform A small cluster worth of compute power in the hands of every researcher View other Microway Tesla GPU-based systems Bio-Research Accelerator places a small cluster’s worth of computational power in the hands of … Continue reading

Boost Up to Tesla Servers

Modern data centers are key to solving some of the world’s most important scientific and big data challenges using high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). NVIDIA® Tesla® accelerated computing platform provides these modern data centers with the power … Continue reading

Microway’s GPU-Accelerated Workstation for CST STUDIO SUITE®

Achieve a 14X Speedup with Tesla GPUs, CST STUDIO SUITE, and Microway Microway’s NumberSmasher® GPU-accelerated platforms are now available pre-configured for CST STUDIO SUITE. They deliver accelerated performance in your office or lab. Rackmount Server with up to 4 or … Continue reading
WhisperStation - Maximus for 3D Design

WhisperStation™-Maximus for 3D Design

NVIDIA Maximus for Design and Rendering Professionals WhisperStation- Maximus for 3D Design unleashes the interactive potential of industry-leading applications like Bunkspeed, Maya, and 3ds Max. The graphics and computing power of NVIDIA Quadro® and Tesla® GPUs minimizes rendering times and maximizes interactivity … Continue reading

WhisperStation™-Maximus for ANSYS

NVIDIA Maximus for ANSYS Fluent and Mechanical WhisperStation- Maximus for ANSYS provides engineers dramatically faster deskside FEA and CFD simulation. NVIDIA Tesla GPUs combined with the visualization power of NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics provide the power for model sizes and … Continue reading

WhisperStation™-Maximus for Adobe® Creative Cloud®

NVIDIA Maximus technology for Adobe® Creative Cloud® Digital video and graphics professionals are always looking for easier, faster ways to deliver great results. WhisperStation- Maximus for Adobe Creative Cloud applications satisfies their demands with more effects, more layers, and faster encoding … Continue reading