Microway introduces NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU-accelerated servers optimized for Deep Learning, HPC and Data Analytics at SC16

November 14, 2016–Salt Lake City, Utah

Microway announced today turn-key servers and clusters designed for the most computationally-demanding, data-intensive needs.  Based on the NVIDIA® Pascal™ GPU architecture, these systems accelerate workflows across many industries and fields of research.

NVIDIA Tesla® P100 GPUs are enabling a new level of performance for HPC and technical computing workloads. With high-bandwidth HBM2 memory, Tesla P100 GPUs provide a 3x bandwidth improvement over previous GPU generations. Optional NVIDIA NVLink™ interconnect capability increases data throughput up to 5x over traditional PCI-Express connectivity. These improvements result in significant speedups for single-GPU and multi-GPU applications. Microway offers Tesla P100 GPUs in a variety of performance-tuned systems and helps users select the optimal configuration for their needs.

Available configurations include:

  • 1U server with four NVIDIA NVLink-connected Tesla P100 GPUs
  • OpenPOWER server supporting CPU-to-GPU and GPU-to-GPU NVIDIA NVLink connectivity
  • NVIDIA DGX-1 appliance – purpose-built for deep learning workloads
  • 4U servers with 8 or 10 Tesla P100 PCI-E GPUs
  • 8-GPU, 8-CPU server with up to 12TB of system memory

Each system is available as a standalone server or as part of a fully-integrated cluster optimized for the users’ workloads. Microway’s experts have been designing, building, and supporting technical computing solutions for 35 years.

Test Tesla P100 GPUs for Yourself

Microway maintains a state-of-the-art benchmark cluster with the latest HPC systems and components. Whether customers are interested in Tesla P100 SXM2 GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink or Tesla P100 PCI-Express GPUs; Intel Xeon x86 CPUs or IBM POWER8 CPUs, Microway can help evaluate their systems’ performance. See for yourself how the systems compare – sign up to test drive the new Tesla P100 GPUs before purchase.

For more information on the latest GPU-accelerated offerings, and to sign up to see the performance results, visit https://www.microway.com/technologies/nvidia-datacenter-gpu/.


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About Microway, Inc.

Incorporated in 1982, Microway is a respected HPC provider. The company’s expertise includes designing state-of-the-art, fully integrated, high-end Linux clusters, servers, and data storage solutions. Users worldwide pushing the limits of technology choose Microway for solutions. Microway is an NVIDIA Elite Solution Partner, an Intel Channel Platinum Partner, and an IBM Business Partner. Classified as a small business, woman owned and operated, Microway’s GSA Contract Number is GS-35F-0431N.

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