Microway Announces Integrated NVIDIA Tesla SimCluster and “Free Trial” Program at SC11

“Scale Your Science” with multi-node NVIDIA Tesla GPU Compute Clusters fully integrated and ready to run applications

Seattle, WA – November 14, 2011 –

At SC11, Microway announces SimCluster, an off-the-shelf integrated cluster solution designed for life science researchers. SimCluster includes NumberSmasher® 1U NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPU servers ready to run scientific applications. The configuration is fully optimized to simulate large size models and achieve higher accuracy, allowing research groups to move from GPU accelerated workstations to the SimCluster configuration.

SimCluster features NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPUs and Intel Xeon 5600 series CPUs connected by InfiniBand. All Microway GPU-based platforms are delivered fully tested and integrated with Linux or Windows, NVIDIA Tesla Bio Workbench applications and the NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming environment. Bright Cluster Manager is optional for easy to use cluster management and GPU monitoring.

To provide customers a preview of the SimCluster experience, Microway has also launched a “Test Drive” Program for benchmarking. Life Science researchers can simply log in, upload AMBER or NAMD models, run, and benchmark their speedups. Benchmarking of custom CUDA code is also welcome with advanced notice.

Customers pleased with their benchmark performance can purchase the exact configuration tested: a 4 node, 8 GPU configuration is available for shipment within 48 hours after test. Larger scale, custom configurations based on the tested cluster are deliverable in three to four weeks, depending on specific user requirements. Microway WhisperStation with 4 NVIDIA Tesla C2075 GPUs can also be ordered for Life Science applications suitable for smaller platforms and budgets.

“Molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and bioinformatics applications are particularly well suited for massive parallelism. Many of these applications have been ported and run efficiently on the 512-core NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in SimCluster. With speedups exceeding 10x on many applications, scientists can leverage Tesla GPUs to achieve smaller footprints with increased computational power. Microway’s Tesla-based platforms offer the ideal foundation for this accelerated research.” commented Stephen Fried, Microway’s President and CTO.

Microway’s Tesla solutions are delivered fully integrated with CUDA SDK and Linux or Windows. They include WhisperStations, dense 1U, 2U, and 4U NumberSmasher Servers with NVIDIA Tesla M2075 and M2090 GPUs, and GPU clusters up to 500 nodes. Clusters offer advanced manageability features that have been refined over years of development and thousands of real-world cluster deployments. Microway’s Cluster Management System (MCMS™) features IPMI for remote cluster monitoring and management. InfiniScope and MPI Link-Checker are unique solutions for debugging and testing InfiniBand network integrity and MPI application performance.

More information about the SimCluster can be found at: http://https://www.microway.com/tesla/gputestdrive/cluster.html

The complete Microway Tesla product line can be found at: http://https://www.microway.com/tesla/

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