Digital Engineering Editor’s Pick: New Microway 1U Server for HPC Features Cascade Lake Xeon and Tesla GPU

Digital Engineering select’s Microway’s NumberSmasher 1U Xeon Server with Tesla Servers as the Editor’s Pick of the Week.

Intel has released the newest generation of Xeon Scalable processors. As usual the first out of the gate with products based on this new Xeon CPU is boutique power computing vendor Microway. Their latest NumberSmasher clusters are our Editor’s Pick of the Week.

Computer vendors work closely with the CPU vendors, timing releases to coincide with new CPUs. This is the “Cascade Lake” update for Intel Xeon. For Microway’s customers, it means increased CPU core counts, higher memory capacity and bandwidth, and new clock speeds. It also means new features from Microway of interest to HPC deployments in engineering.

Why does HPC matter to engineering? Because there is an increased reliance on deep learning to tackle the big problems. For example, in the past an issue like jet engine airflow would start with an assumption, then iterate toward a solution. Now the problem is assigned to a deep neural net, which can examine thousands of assumptions to reach an approximation of the solution—which may or may not match the initial assumption. Engineers can then improve on the deep learning “suggestion” and move forward much faster with an ideal solution.

Read the Editor’s Pick of the Week for more information on this server and the complete NumberSmasher line.

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