Digital Engineering: Bleeding-edge HPC Power Released By Boutique Computing Vendor

Digital Engineering features Microway’s updated line of NumberSmasher Xeon Servers in a new article. These systems are shipping in volume with 2nd Generation Xeon Scalable Processors.

Boutique power computing vendor Microway introduces a significant update to its line of HPC servers, the Intel Xeon-based NumberSmasher. Microway offers the NumberSmasher in variety of 1, 2, and 4U configurations. All are equipped with “bleeding edge” 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and NVIDIA Tesla-generation GPUs…

Performance is enhanced with increased CPU core counts, higher memory capacity and bandwidth, improved clock speeds, and new features of specific interest to HPC, artificial intelligence, and deep learning applications.

Microway works with companies of all sizes to deliver HPC units and clusters tailored for their particular needs. In a recent win, Microway will deploy over 10,000 cores as part of one purchase.

Read the Digital Engineering Article in its entirety for more information on the NumberSmasher Xeon server line.

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