Photograph of Microway's WhisperStation-R Quiet Workstation


Ultra-Quiet Computing for Researchers using R

Designed from the ground up for data analysis and statistical research using R, the WhisperStation-R features up to 80 processor cores, 3 TB memory, fast & large-capacity storage, NVIDIA® Quadro® professional graphics, ultra-quiet fans & power supply, and up to four high-resolution monitors.

WhisperStation-R is available with 64-bit Linux and/or Windows operating systems. It can be custom-configured to exact user specifications, including large memory, large storage, and software tools & libraries. In addition to RStudio with Microsoft R Open, it is available with tools including the NVIDIA HPC SDK and the Intel oneAPI SDK.

Need more compute power? Multiple WhisperStations can be linked together for a low priced, quiet HPC cluster running R.


  • Quiet! Most configurations are barely audible when placed beside your desk.
  • Pre-configured with RStudio and Microsoft R Open
  • Up to 80 processor cores
  • Up to 4 TB DDR4 memory
  • Up to 144 TB storage built-in
  • Fixed or hot-swap drive bays for hard drives and SSDs
  • Energy-efficient. Compatible with standard home and office electrical outlets.
  • Reliable! Customers commonly use WhisperStations for 5+ years.


  • One or Two Processor Sockets:
    • Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processor “Ice Lake-SP” CPUs (clock speed: up to 3.6 GHz)
  • Eight-Channel 3200 Mhz ECC/Registered Memory (16 slots)
  • Optional Professional Graphics with NVIDIA RTX™ Professional; GPUs
  • Up to (8) Fixed or Hot-Swap 3.5″ 6Gbps drive bays
  • Optional NVMe flash storage
  • Up to seven PCI-Express devices
  • Dual integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Removable Storage:
    • CD, DVD Read / Write / Re-Write (optional Bluray)
    • Front USB 2.0 ports and and rear USB 3.0 ports
    • Optional eSATA, Thunderbolt, and Firewire
  • High-efficiency 80 PLUS certified quiet power-supply
  • Accessories/Options

    • Expand storage capacity up to 864 TB+
    • UPS power backup and surge suppression
    • 10/25/50/100G Ethernet, or ConnectX-6 200Gb HDR InfiniBand
    • Multiple LCD Monitors, 4K Displays or 3D Displays
    • NVIDIA HPC SDK installed and configured
    • Intel compilers, libraries and tools (oneAPI SDK)


    Supported for Life

    Our technicians and sales staff consistently ensure that your entire experience with Microway is handled promptly, creatively, and professionally.

    Telephone support is available for the lifetime of your workstation by Microway’s experienced technicians. After the initial warranty period, hardware warranties are offered on an annual basis. Out-of-warranty repairs are available on a time & materials basis.


    System Price: $3,498 to $20,678

    Each Microway system is customized to your requirements. Final pricing depends upon configuration and any applicable educational or government discounts.

    Call a Microway Sales Engineer for Assistance : 508.746.7341 or
    Click Here to Request More Information.

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