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Microway joins the OpenPOWER Foundation

We’re excited to announce that Microway has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation as a Silver member. We are integrating the OpenPOWER technologies into our server systems and HPC clusters. We’re also offering our HPC software tools on OpenPOWER.

The collaboration between OpenPOWER members is going to bring exciting new possibilities to High Performance Computing, and to the IT industry in general. The OpenPOWER Foundation’s list of members is quite impressive, but also represents a very broad range of interests and industries. Our efforts will focus on molding these technologies into performant and easy-to-use HPC systems. Our experts ensure that Microway systems “just work”, so expect nothing less from our OpenPOWER offerings.

Available OpenPOWER Servers

We are currently offering two OpenPOWER servers based on the IBM Power® Systems products. The first, pictured below, provides dual POWER8™ CPUs and dual Tesla® GPUs. The second, designed for Hadoop, Spark and other data analytics workloads, provides a single POWER8 CPU along with large storage capabilities. These products are described further on our POWER Technology page. Additional systems based on the IBM POWER CPU architecture will be available in the coming months.

Photo of the IBM Power Systems server S822LC for HPC

Those who’d like to see the performance for themselves can request access to a bare-metal Test Drive system with 10-core POWER8 CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs. Access is limited, but we want to foster an open atmosphere – both to demonstrate the capabilities of OpenPOWER and to support as many applications as possible.

What’s coming next from Microway and the OpenPOWER Foundation?

There have already been a number of large success stories from OpenPOWER. The U.S. government has awarded contracts for two large OpenPOWER HPC clusters: Summit (at ORNL) and Sierra (at LLNL). These clusters will place as two of the most powerful Supercomputers in the world and will leverage technology contributions from OpenPOWER members IBM, NVIDIA and Mellanox. Those technologies will include advanced CPU architecture designs, next-generation GPU accelerators, high-speed NVLink data links and lightning-fast InfiniBand connectivity.

Microway will be leveraging those same OpenPOWER technologies as they become available. We’ve been in the technical computing market since 1982 and are no strangers to shifts in technology. Microway is an IBM Business Partner, an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider, and a Mellanox interconnects partner.

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