Photograph of Microway's WhisperStation Quiet Workstation running a Molecular Dynamics visualization


Ultra-Quiet, Robust Workstation for Demanding Applications and Leading-Edge Visualization

Microway workstations have been used by researchers, manufacturers, and design professionals since the early 1990s. A typical WhisperStation configuration features ultra-quiet fans and high efficiency power supply, internal soundproofing, AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon processors, NVIDIA® Professional graphics, and NVIDIA GPUs for computation.

Several WhisperStations can also be linked together for a low priced, multi-node, quiet cluster solution.


 WhisperStation™ – RTX Pro

Unparalleled design, simulation, and visualization technology at your deskside without the noise! AND
Pro Visualization and GPU Computing with multiple Professional GPUs in a Quiet Platform

WhisperStation- RTX Professional, delivers power and performance in a quiet deskside solution with multiple NVIDIA RTX A6000, RTX A5000 or A4500 GPUs. Whether you workload is professional visualization, HPC computation, or Deep Learning, realize the ultimate in professional performance.


 WhisperStation™ – Deep Learning

Ultra-Quiet Computing for Deep Learning Researchers

WhisperStation-Deep Learning has been designed to provide maximum performance when training deep neural networks. It is the perfect system for a researcher exploring the applications of machine learning before such applications move into production.

Using NVIDIA’s GPU software stack, researchers can collaborate and share GPU resources as they fine-tune their neural networks. With NGC containers, users can realize the latest software optimization and performance-direct from NVIDIA- for their workload.


Data Science WhisperStation

The Only Quiet Workstation for End-to-End Accelerated Data Science

Marry a complete data science software stack to GPU accelerated performance with Data Science WhisperStation. Data Science WhisperStation arrives with a full NVIDIA-approved GPU accelerated data-science stack ready for your toughest problems.


WhisperStation Pro CAE – 1P

Single Socket, High Performance Quiet Workstation for Professionals

Not all single socket workstations are built alike! Microway WhisperStation Pro CAE is designed to balance core count, clock speed, and memory bandwidth that your CAE applications demand.


Photograph of Microway's WhisperStation-R Quiet Workstation


Ultra-Quiet Computing for Researchers using R

Designed for statistical research using R, the WhisperStation-R features dual AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon processors, high efficiency power supply, an NVIDIA Quadro Professional GPU, up to 512 GB memory, and ultra-quiet fans.


Supported for Life

Our technicians and sales staff consistently ensure that your entire experience with Microway is handled promptly, creatively, and professionally.

Telephone support is available for the lifetime of your workstation by Microway’s experienced technicians. After the initial warranty period, hardware warranties are offered on an annual basis. Out-of-warranty repairs are available on a time & materials basis.

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