NVIDIA DGX™ Solutions

NVIDIA DGX Solutions are a fully integrated AI platform ready to run your training, inference, or development workflow. Engineered by NVIDIA and delivered ready-to-run by Microway experts, DGX deployments are the fastest way to deploy AI.


The Gold Standard for AI Infrastructure

  • 8 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs
  • Up to 16 PFLOPS of AI training performance (BFLOAT16 or FP16 Tensor)
  • Delivered by Microway with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and the DGX Software Stack installed and configured—ready to run real workloads


Rack-scale AI with multiple DGX systems & parallel storage

  • 32+ NVIDIA H100 GPUs
  • Building blocks or Fixed NVIDIA configuration
  • Delivered by Microway with NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager and optional NVIDIA Base Command™ AI workflow management


The World’s First Turnkey AI Data Center

  • 256+ NVIDIA H100 GPUs
  • Fixed NVIDIA configurations (multiples of 32 node Scalable Units)
  • Delivered by Microway and NVIDIA with NVIDIA Base Command AI workflow management

Advantages of the DGX Platform

NVIDIA-Optimized AI Software

Feel confident you have the best software optimization from NVIDIA’s AI experts. It’s the same software stack they use on NVIDIA’s in-house AI clusters!

Seamless Upgrades

Looking to test a new version of a framework? Struggling to keep pace with the changes in AI software? AI software updates on NVIDIA DGX solutions are fast & seamless with the power of NVIDIA NGC.

Get Started Quickly: Fast Time to Performance

DGX Solutions integrated by Microway run applications immediately after delivery. We’ll even pre-install frameworks. Our team will perform an installation and even run real workloads.

Performance Improves Over Time

AI framework performance has improved dramatically over time. DGX solutions automatically receive these performance improvements from NVIDIA.

eBook: 4 Things to Know Before Undertaking an AI Project

Looking to start your organization’s AI journey on the NVIDIA DGX Platform? Learn what to expect before you start your project.