Since 1982, Microway has provided expert technical software solutions. We offer custom integration on each of our systems for software purchased through Microway

Comprehensive Software Support

We partner with leading commercial software providers to help you achieve the most robust performance for your application. We also work with community-supported, open-source distributions, libraries and applications. Our own in-house software tools, such as Microway Cluster Management Software (MCMS™) form the backbone of our cluster deployments.

42U NumberSmasher Xeon E5 Cluster

Operating Systems

At Microway, Linux is most often the operating system of choice. We would be more than happy to install any Linux distribution on the system you purchase. We commonly provide Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Scientific Linux, Fedora, SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), openSUSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and Gentoo. All of our hardware offerings are architected to provide proper support for Linux.

  • Microsoft Windows and Windows Server are also available pre-installed on any Microway system.
  • Our technicians install all device drivers, run all updates and verify system stability.

Cluster Diagnostic, Management and Monitoring Tools

MCMS Remote Cluster Monitoring and Control and IPMImon™

Microway Cluster Management Software (MCMS) enables users to measure, report and record the physical health of each node in a Microway cluster. This includes remotely monitoring fan speeds, temperatures, and power supply voltages, with automated alarms when parameters exceed preset limits. Critical information is delivered remotely via a secure web-based GUI.


Microway GPU-Checker is a graphical utility that runs comprehensive GPU tests, stressing both the GPU processor and memory. The software also identifies problems such as memory errors, overheating, and PCIe discrepancies, making it easy to discovery potential issues on your workstation or cluster.  Its intuitive but powerful graphical interface makes it easy to determine the health of all of your GPUs from one management point. To learn more about GPU-Checker,

MPI Link-Checker

Microway MPI Link-Checker performs extensive latency, bandwidth, & data integrity tests between all nodes in a cluster and summarizes the data graphically to easily target problem areas. The performance of an MPI application is often limited by the speed of the slowest node. MPI Link-Checker assists with characterization and troubleshooting of hardware platforms, network fabrics, cabling and MPI implementations.

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager provides a complete, GUI-based management solution for CPU, GPU, and blended clusters. It’s easy to use, optimizes for top throughput, and has a slim resource and management footprint.

NVIDIA Bright Cluster Manager offers our customers the best of both worlds: those without cluster expertise find a simple, easy-to-use tool to get their work done.

Those with expertise have a powerful, flexible utility which improves their efficiency and effectiveness.

Compilers, Libraries and Software Development Tools


The GNU Compiler Collection contains front-ends for a number of languages including C, C++ and Fortran.

Microway also delivers LLVM compiler technologies integrated with Clang or alternative compiler backends.

Intel Software Development Products

The Intel Software Development Products provide a full suite of tools which help developers build and improve their codes. These tools include Intel OneAPI Toolkits containing C/C++ and Fortran Compilers, Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP), Math Kernel Library (MKL), Threading Building Blocks (TBB), Intel MPI, VTune Amplifier XE, Inspector XE and Advisor XE.


The NVIDIA HPC SDK is built upon former Portland Group (PGI) compilers for Fortran, C and C++ and adds new functionality including OpenACC, accelerated math libraries, communication libraries, the Nsight profiler, and a debugger to create a combined HPC software stack.

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