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Microway Expertise + DDN Storage

Parallel and block storage solutions that are the data plane for the world’s demanding workloads. Let a Microway HPC expert custom architect a DDN storage solution for you application or cluster. Whether you have to meet a performance requirement, capacity requirement, reliability standard, or a combination of all, our experts can help tailor a custom solution to your data flow. We’ll assist you in navigating the landscape of parallel block storage, flash, parallel filesystems, and beyond. Each of these building blocks below.

DDN Appliances

Block storage appliances are designed to connect directly to your host servers as a single, easy to use storage device. They feature DDN’s leading storage hardware and an easy-to-use management GUI. Our DDN appliance offerings also include plug in appliances for workload acceleration and AI-focused storage solutions.


Advanced Flash for AI and High Throughput Workloads

Highest performance storage built for clusters or AI data. All NVMe architecture. Up to 90GB/s R 64GB/sec W and 3 million IOPS.


Performance Hybrid SSD and Disk Appliance

A higher capacity and higher performance block array with 72 drives. Up to 90GB/sec and 3.2 million IOPS.


Scale Up Capacity Hybrid Storage Appliance

Highest capacity and disk count array with 90 3.5″ drives per 4U enclosure. 24GB/s R 20GB/s W with up to 1.5 million IOPS.


Entry-Level Flash Array

Entry Level all-NVMe block storage. Up to 48GB/sec R 38GB/sec W and 1.5 million IOPS.


Advanced Flash Array

High Throughput all-NVMe block storage. Up to 90GB/s R/65GB/sec W and 3 million IOPS.

Parallel Storage

Parallel storage is infinitely scalable, ultra-high-performance storage that stands up to the demands of your cluster. Whether your deployment is a petabyte or an exabyte, it can be tailored by our team to match your workload.

DDN EXAScaler LustreFlash for AI and High Throughput Workloads

High performance Lustre solutions with DDN’s enterprise-grade software image. Limitless scalability and performance.

EOL – DDN GRIDScaler Spectrum Scale

Advanced Flash for AI and High Throughput Workloads

Spectrum Scale-based solutions for customers that have pre-existing Spectrum Scale/GPFS infrastructure and admins. Available only for existing GRIDScaler/Spectrum Scale sites.

Advantages of the Intel Platform


DDN storage by Microway offers leading performance whether deployed as an appliance or a custom parallel Lustre storage


Scale from hundreds of terabytes to petabytes to exabytes. DDN powers some of the largest HPC storage deployments on the planet.


Mix and match SSD and disk for balanced performance. Building for future expansion? DDN-based solutions can be architected by our experts to allow for the drop in additional drives.

Expert Delivery

Don’t wait months for your storage to work properly. Each DDN solution comes with expert delivery services to ensure you are running immediately after delivery.