HPC for Medical Research

Whether you’re applying for a grant, writing a proposal for startup funds, or just need to maneuver a quote through the purchasing system, Microway’s HPC experts can help. Our technical sales staff know how to optimize performance without exceeding your budget.

Most commonly, these are the types of systems we build for life science researchers:

  • Quiet, High-Performance WhisperStation with optional integrated NVIDIA Quadro® GPUs
  • Quiet HPC cluster for a large office or small lab
  • Fully-integrated compute server with large storage (100TB+) and/or large memory (1TB+)
  • Turn-key HPC cluster including networking, rack, power and UPS
  • Storage servers, RAIDs and parallel storage clusters

Your software application may include one of the following:

ACEMD, AMBER, BLAST, CHARMM, CLC Genomics, GAMESS, Gaussian, GROMACS, HMMER, LAMMPS, Molegro Virtual Docker, MATLAB, Mathematica, MOLPRO, NAMD, Quantum Espresso, Q-CHEM, TeraChem, VMD

None of the above fits your situation?

Please reach out to us. We custom-tailor systems every day and would be eager for a new challenge.

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