HPC and AI Marketing Specialist


Our team is looking for an HPC and AI Marketing Specialist to complement our VP of Marketing.

The Microway marketing organization owns Microway’s web & digital presence, Product Marketing, organic and paid search, Content Marketing/content creation, Partner co-marketing/co-execution, partner product launches, the submission tools for the inbound sales funnel, events (returning post-pandemic), PR/Media relations, and social media. Needless to say that’s a tall mandate!

We’re looking for a marketer who can contribute towards execution in many of these diverse disciplines. You don’t have to be an expert everywhere, but tell us about your expertise and ability to contribute towards a few of these areas. They are listed in order of importance.

While some skills translate, marketing for HPC & AI is not the same as traditional technology marketing. You’ll show us how you have the technical depth and experience in targeting these very specialized domains.

Our audience is extraordinarily technical and doesn’t tolerate traditional marketing-speak. We prove ourselves to our customers by example. This includes our strong HPC and AI technical depth and no-nonsense advice.

If your ideas include new ways to talk about GPU computing in our materials or innovative means to get into the minds of techies we want to hear from you; if you want to run a campaign all about HPC hardware TCO you’re probably not the right match for us.

“Must Have” Qualifications:

  • At least 2 years HPC/AI marketing expertise (For those with less than the required experience we may consider training an exceptionally interesting candidate—just tell us why that’s you)
  • Digital marketing chops: WordPress-based web infrastructure maintenance experience, HTML/CSS or PHP coding skills, organic SEO skills, or AdWords execution experience (show us which one, or all, you meet)
  • Special execution depth in a portion, or many, of the domains mentioned in our overview
  • Small portfolio of past innovative marketing achievements to share/show us
  • Demonstrated experience working with a small marketing team and desire for a small environment
  • Strong customer-facing written and strong in-person communication skills as you’ll be at times writing content/product marketing materials and occasionally interacting with customers at Events.

“Nice to Have” Qualifications or Skills

  • Outbound email marketing experience (our tooling is Mailchimp + custom code/CSS)
  • Fluency in the vernacular of AI/Deep learning
  • Graphic design expertise. Esp. using tools like InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Experience in technology event execution/event marketing or equivalent
  • Technical blogging experience—esp. in the context of WordPress-based tooling and proper post design
  • Knowledge of Linux and/or other open-source software (ex: other employees tinker with Linux at home)

Day to day Responsibilities:

  • Support the VP of Marketing in execution of Marketing department responsibilities described in the Position Summary. You’ll see the largest portion of your time here, and it will be spent on where skills/prior experience match best.
  • Help execute improvements to our digital presence on a daily basis: improve our CSS/PHP on Microway.com, build new product landing pages for product launches, perform keyword research for new pages, code new outbound email campaigns, and beyond
  • Be the functional lead on MDF-supported program execution. Our partners NVIDIA, AMD, and Intel support us to run specific campaigns related to their products. You’ll be the leader (with assistance) on executing some of these initiatives and in supporting the co-marketing submissions.
  • After the pandemic—own execution of a portion of our event calendar. These events range from a number of simple tabletop expos to a formal 20×20 presence. We do not lean on an events agency for most of these, so you will be involved yourself!

Working at Microway

Working at Microway offers an attractive work environment 43 miles south of Boston and 20 miles north of Cape Cod. The marketing department currently works remotely. Our VP of Marketing is located in Austin, TX. We are seeking candidates near Eastern MA or in Austin primarily but will accept applicants from other US states for an exceptionally qualified candidate. If that’s you, please tell us why.

Microway is a small business with a very large reputation for excellence. Woman owned and operated since 1982, our GSA Contract Number is GS-35F-0431N.

The position includes salary, benefits, and opportunity for bonuses. Please send your resume to resumes@microway.com for more details.

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