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Speed up Defense and Geo Intelligence Applications with NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator

Your GeoInt Applications – Up To 10x Faster, Try GPUs and See Better Results

The Defense and Geospatial Intelligence community heavily relies on accurate and timely information in its strategic and day-to-day operations. Intelligence gathering and assessment are essential parts of these activities that comprises data coming from a number of diverse sources such as satellites, UAVs, surveillance cameras, and radar.

Converting the raw data collected from such diverse sources into actionable information requires a significant infrastructure. The NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator is the first accelerated platform that enables defense and homeland security analysts to accurately generate actionable intelligence from petabytes of data, images and video gathered from satellites, surveillance cameras, drones, and sensors. Powered with GPUs, Image and Video Processing can run up to 10x-75x faster compared to CPU only systems.

Now you can experience these speed ups first hand, FREE!

In partnership with NVIDIA, Microway is now offering a hardware program to bring GPU acceleration to analysts and development teams. Pre-configured systems are available for evaluation* and purchase. Our configurations include:

GeoInt Accelerated WhisperStation

Microway WhisperStation Quiet GPU workstation
for Analysts and Developers

Microway WhisperStations with NVIDIA GeoInt combine the visualization capability of NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in a single quiet workstation.

Recommended configuration:

  • Dual Intel Xeon CPUs
  • NVIDIA Quadro GPU for Visualization
  • NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla GPU for Computation
  • Custom-integrated to match your requirements

GeoInt Accelerated Servers and Clusters

NumberSmasher 2U GPU/Phi Server

for Server-based GeoInt Applications

Microway offers fully-integrated servers and clusters with NVIDIA Tesla accelerators and NVIDIA Quadro visualization products. These provide a high-density platform which starts small and scales along with your needs.

Recommended configuration:

  • Dual Intel Xeon CPUs
  • Dual NVIDIA GPUs for Computation
  • Custom-integrated to match your requirements
  • Available in standalone and clustered configurations

View Microway’s full list of Tesla-accelerated rackmount servers

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Need more details? Check out how a Microway WhisperStation with NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator can accelerate Image and Video Processing. GeoInt Accelerator is also a perfect platform for developers to efficiently develop applications using numerous GeoInt Accelerator Libraries.

Image Processing with GeoInt Accelerator

The role of image processing is expanding for defense and geo intelligence. GeoInt Accelerator is manufactured to accelerate the workflow across tasks such as orthorectification, filtering algorithms, change detection, 3D reconstruction to process much larger volume of images to deliver results that impacts decisions. Companies such as Digital Globe are using GPUs to accelerate orthorectification and pan sharpening to achieve real-time analysis of images that allows for better and advanced analysis. Here are just a few examples of accelerated image processing:

Case study
Discover how SRIS is delivering real-time geospatial image processing results with innovative GPU-based architecture that is 72x faster, 12x cheaper than CPUs. Read NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator Case-Study SRIS Geospatial Processing case study (PDF).


  • Owns and operates a fleet of high-resolution earth-imaging satellites that collect over 2 million km2 images/day.
  • 12x faster orthorectification with GPUs
  • http://www.digitalglobe.com


Line of sight analysis is 75x faster with GPUs vs. CPUs delivering better insight into the data, enabling commanders and soldiers to instantly perform analysis for mission preparation.

Video Processing with GeoInt Accelerator

Achieve real-time performance for video processing including video enhancement algorithms, moving objects detection, mosaicking, facial recognition, and many others with GeoInt Accelerator. GeoInt Accelerator can deliver not only real time, but also beyond real-time performance for the processing of full-motion videos, making video analysis more productive. For example, with the processing power of the GPUs, IntuVision was able to accelerate video processing and analysis by 12x, providing real-time results, allowing analysts to identify suspicious activity with a high degree of accuracy.

Case study
IntuVision’s software analyzes video surveillance footage. With GPU acceleration IntuVision software is accelerated by a factor of 12. Read NVIDIA GeoInt Accelerator Case-Study IntuVision Video Surveillance case study (PDF).


  • Provides intelligent video solutions for analyzing and identifying suspicious activity with a high degree of accuracy.
  • 12x faster object tracking with GPUs
  • http://www.intuvisiontech.com
Screenshot of IntuVision GPU-Accelerated Video Processing

IntuVision GPU-Accelerated Video Processing

GPU-accelerated Libraries for GeoInt Application Developers

If you are a developer in defense or intelligence, GeoInt Accelerator is a perfect tool to accelerate your projects. Several libraries are compatible with GeoInt Accelerator so you can jump start your development. Here are a select number of libraries that run on GeoInt Accelerator:

  • NVIDIA Performance Primitives (NPP) – Library of basic image processing kernels and functions
  • ArrayFire library – Rich library of image and signal processing functions accelerated by GPUs.
  • MATLAB Imaging Toolkit – Library of imaging functions for high level modeling in MATLAB
  • OpenCV – Diverse library of computer vision functions
  • CUDA FFT library – Basic library for most signal processing applications
  • NVIDIA Optix – Programmable ray tracing framework to model stealth designs
  • OpCoast SNEAK – RF propagation analysis, ray tracing, and jamming analysis development kit
  • DelCross Savant – High frequency ray tracing engine for antenna modeling

* Evaluation requests are subject to approval.

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