Bio-Research Accelerator

4-socket, GPU accelerated life sciences computational platform

A small cluster worth of compute power in the hands of every researcher

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Bio-Research Accelerator places a small cluster’s worth of computational power in the hands of each life sciences researcher. Users gain the ability to hold 512GB or 1TB of a dataset entirely in memory for fast execution, to store 16TB of data on their individual machine, and to seamlessly execute on a GPU-enabled 40 core SMP. With the performance equivalent of a small cluster dedicated to the individual researcher, the Bio-Research Accelerator dramatically reduces time to solution.

Our NVIDIA Tesla-based systems outperform large clusters for many life sciences applications. Over 160 scientific applications leverage the power of the NVIDIA GPUs used in the Microway Bio-Research Accelerator.

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Locate your application with the NVIDIA Applications Catalog.

  • 512GB of DDR3-1600 memory, upgradable to 1TB memory for larger datasets
  • 40 compute cores from Intel Xeon CPUs: enough to replace a small cluster!
  • Over 8 TFLOPS compute power from NVIDIA Tesla K40 and Quadro K6000 GPUs, each with 12GB of GPU memory
  • Full visualization acceleration powered by NVIDIA Quadro—including 3D display support
  • 16TB usable of RAID 10 local storage
  • Mellanox 56Gb FDR InfiniBand/40GigEthernet link to connect to external storage resources
  • Linux or Windows OS
  • A unique combination of x86 SMP scale and massively parallel GPU performance for many applications
  • Single-system configuration, as simple to utilize as any workstation
  • Superior performance per watt compared to small clusters
  • Plugs into a single 15A circuit

Please contact our Technical Sales Department to learn more about customizing the Bio-Research Accelerator to your needs.

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