Thank you to our customers, partners, and developers for making SC11 a great success. Our SC11 report, some useful technical info, and software updates are all in this month's newsletter:
SC11 Wrap Up and Highlights

SC11 generated some exciting technologies to watch for in the coming year. This was an eventful show, so we've put together some key highlights:

New Microway Hardware Platforms for GPUs

Here's a preview of new Microway hardware platforms available to our customers:

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we are providing a free copy of GPU Computing Gems Emerald Edition to any Microway customer purchasing these platforms. Take advantage of this offer on orders through March 31, 2012.
New Technical Information Brings You Into 2012

Enhance your knowledge on the latest HPC technologies in time for 2012. Microway's tech team has collected the information for you on these new technologies:

HPC Software Updates

Microway's team has collected a few notable Open Source software developments from the past number of weeks:

Microway HPC Tech Tip
nvidia-smi: Control Your GPUs

Abstract: Most users know how to check the status of their CPUs, see how much memory is free or find out how much disk space is free. In contrast, keeping tabs on the health and status of GPUs has historically been more difficult. If you don’t know where to look, it can even be difficult to determine the type and capabilities of the GPUs in a system.

Thankfully, NVIDIA’s latest hardware and software tools have made good improvements in this respect. We explore the functions of nvidia-smi to learn more.

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Drive Cost Update

October and November flooding in Thailand has severely impacted hard drive production. Hard drive prices have doubled over the last month and we expect this industry-wide shortage to continue into at least the next quarter. Microway has been carefully monitoring the situation and working with our drive suppliers to keep our orders flowing. We've secured inventory for our orders, even at higher costs.

We endeavor to hold down the prices to you, the end-user, as much as possible. Also, our sales team will suggest alternate drives or SSDs if substitutions are appropriate to keep your costs consistent quote-to-quote. Still, there are situations where we must pass a portion of the cost differences in revised quotations. Our aim is to make this the least painful to you and the most transparent possible.

We thank you for your understanding throughout this drive supply crisis. Learn more from Seagate on this topic in their latest outlook

Microway is Hiring!

Microway is growing, and we're looking to hire for two positions. Click through to the full listings for more information:

Sales Engineer - Help HPC work better for scientists and researchers worldwide!  Well spoken techie will advise our clients on design and implementation of GPU and cluster solutions for their specific needs.

Integration/Tech Support - Integrate, test, and assist supporting the latest HPC clusters and WhisperStations  - work with bleeding edge technologies!  Our systems incorporate Intel and AMD processors, NVIDIA GPUs, storage, InfiniBand, graphics and Linux software. Knowledge of server hardware, parallel processing, parallel programming (use of MPI, OpenMP) and computer architecture is highly desirable.

Eliot Eshelman at 508-732-5534
Brett Newman at 508-732-5542