Microway® HPC Times - October 2009

Supercomputing 2009 Visit us at Supercomputing 2009 in Booth 434. Microway will be demonstrating more powerful solutions for high-throughput computing with GPUs, multicore CPUs, InfiniBand, advanced server cooling, and cluster software tools. Microway-engineered InfiniBand products include 36-port QDR FasTree Switches, ConnectX TriCom HCAs with 1 microsecond latency, MPI Link-Checker network performance validation and InfiniScope real-time InfiniBand analysis and diagnostic software. We will also be in AMD's Booth #1417 showing Fiorano products with Six-Core Opteron processors and a 2U server with four ATI GPUs. Register for a FREE SC09 Expo Pass

Microway Product Announcements

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GPU Programming Updates

Visit Terri, Brett, Rick, Mike, Steve and Ann in Portland at Booth #434. See our 4U GPU server with 2 Intel Xeon processors and 8 Teslas and other products mentioned above. We all look forward to visiting with you in Portland.

Eliot Eshelman at 508-732-5534
Brett Newman at 508-732-5542