Microway HPC Times - October / November 2008
Supercomputing 2008

Visit us at Supercomputing 2008 in Booth 1945. Microway will be demonstrating 40 Gbit InfiniBand and advanced server cooling solutions, plus clusters incorporating AMD "Shanghai" Opterons, Intel "Nehalem" Xeons and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Microway-engineered InfiniBand products include ConnectX TriCom HCAs with 1 microsecond latency, QDR FasTree Switches, MPI Link-Checker network performance monitoring and InfiniScope real-time InfiniBand diagnostics and recording software. Register for a FREE Expo Pass

Microway In The News
Shanghai Microarchitecture Improvements

Microway now offers AMD quad-core "Shanghai" Opteron processors in clusters and cluster extensions. With clock frequencies up to 2.7 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache, a DDR2-800 memory interface, and microarchitectural enhancements, Microway can provide 20-30% more energy efficient cluster nodes. Our products will be on display at our Booth #1945 and AMD's Booth #1833.
Microway Opteron Servers and Clusters

With CUDA software, NVIDIA GPU customers are reporting 10-100x application speed improvements. Microway now provides the highest rack density GPU cluster with our fully-integrated Tesla + InfiniBand configuration, achieving a 2P quad-core CPU server and two Tesla GPUs per 1U rack space.
AMD's Firestream 9250 GPUs add new levels of performance to the Microway WhisperStation. Up to four GPUs can be integrated with two quad-core Opteron processors, 32 GB memory, 4 TB storage, and AMD Stream SDK. For those requiring larger storage, Microway's ServaStor server offers 16+ TB storage in an environmentally green chassis.
AMD/ATI FireStream GPU        Microway ServaStor Servers
40 Gbit InfiniBand is here! Microway's FasTree (InfiniScale IV based) switches and TriComX HCAs achieve higher throughput and lower latency. Microway's innovative diagnostic tools, MPI Link-Checker and InfiniScope, are fully compatible with any vendor's InfiniBand solution.
Microway InfiniBand Switches and HCAs

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