SC11 in Seattle is just around the corner and with it comes news of exciting GPU and processor innovations. Microway is exhibiting at Booth 2606:
Tesla™ C2075/M2075 Hardware Now Shipping

NVIDIA has tweaked the Tesla C2070 GPUs with a few notable improvements in the new Tesla C2075:

Tesla C2075 is now replacing Tesla C2070 in all new orders. NVIDIA has also announced EOL on the 3GB Tesla C2050 and Tesla S2050 products
Sign Up for Advances in GPU Computing
Northeastern University, October 27, 2011

Learn more about the coding and speedups of GPU computing on all platforms. Microway is a co-sponsor of this event. Topics include:

An agenda for the event can be found here. For more information, please visit the event website
Microway's MD SimCluster is Available for Tesla M2090-based Cluster Benchmarking

For more information and to register for a benchmarking slot, please click here

Accelerate Your Linear Algebra Codes with WhisperStation Plus Free CULA Promo Running Until December 31

Accelerate your scientific applications from 2-10x with CULA Premium R12. CULA's linear algebra GPU library runs on WhisperStation- Tesla and requires no CUDA expertise to implement. The following promo runs until December 31, 2011

CULA Premium accelerates all types of codes leveraging linear algebra. LAPACK, Factorization, Eigenvalues and more functions are included. For more information on CULA, please click here

Microway HPC Tech Tip
Managing a Linux Software RAID with MDADM

Abstract: There are several advantages to assembling hard drives into a RAID: performance, redundancy and capacity. Microway workstations and servers are most commonly outfitted with software RAID. This will prevent a single drive failure from destroying your operating system installation.

Linux provides a robust software RAID implementation which costs nothing and offers great performance for lower array levels (e.g, 0, 1, 10). It is flexible and powerful, but array monitoring and management can be opaque if you’ve not previously worked with a Linux software RAID.

We explore the most common scenarios of checking array health and replacing a failed hard drive.

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In our next issue: Monitoring Hard Drive and RAID Health

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