Read on for more information about the new NVIDIA Kepler architecture and GPUs, new 4P Xeon product, and reports from SIGGRAPH and NVIDIA GTC 2012.


SIGGRAPH 2012 Overview and Highlights

SIGGRAPH 2012 provided some exciting news regarding upcoming GPUs and GPU acceleration

Quadro K5000 Announced for October, 2012 Release:

Tesla K20 details, likely shipping Q4 2012/Q1 2013:
NVIDIA has not released final specifications on the Tesla K20, however the following information was made public at or before SIGGRAPH this month:
NVIDIA Launches Maximus Technology

By pairing a Quadro GPU and Tesla GPU co-processor, NVIDIA Maximus technology allows users to perform simultaneous CAE, rendering, or structural/fluid analysis on the same system used for design work. Saves you development time and money!

See application-specific Maximus configurations at Microway's Maximus page. Additional details on the Maximus program are available at NVIDIA's Maximus Page

GPU Test Drive Cluster Updated with New Applications and Tesla K10s

Register for time on the test cluster at our sign-up page today, and learn how a Microway GPU cluster can accelerate your application.

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NVIDIA GTC 2012 Report

NVIDIA's GPU showcase included a Tesla Kepler architecture preview, new features for CUDA, and hundreds of software sessions.

Microway HPC Tech Tip
Inside NVIDIA Kepler - From GTC 2012


Compute performance has been exponentially increasing for the entirety of your life - it doesn't matter what your age is. At NVIDIA's GTC 2012 conference, we saw that GPUs are still at the leading edge of HPC. The new NVIDIA "Kepler" K10 (GK104 architecture) and K20 (GK110 architecture) GPU Accelerators will be offering 4.58 TFLOPS single-precision and over 1 TFLOPS double-precision, respectively.

In the "Inside Kepler" session Lars Nyland, from NVIDIA's architecture group, and Stephen Jones, from the NVIDIA CUDA group, dove into the improved architecture and programmability of the GK110 GPU.

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