Microway Operating Normally After Hurricane Irene

Microway was fortunate to have been spared any substantial damage from Hurricane Irene. We had consistent power delivery all weekend, and all is operating normally at our Plymouth, MA facility this morning. Shipping timelines for existing orders should not be effected by the storm.


We wish our best and hope a speedy recovery to all customers and partners affected by the hurricane.


MD SimCluster Program/Try Before You Buy With a Microway + NVIDIA Tesla GPU Cluster

We're excited to launch a new cluster benchmarking program with NVIDIA: the Tesla™ Molecular Dynamics (MD) SimCluster. Customers running AMBER, NAMD, and even custom CUDA code users can benchmark on the latest Tesla M2090 GPU hardware and purchase a preconfigured, ready-to-run cluster with AMBER or NAMD.

The SimCluster is optimized to simulate large size models and achieve higher accuracy while reducing simulation time.  Ready for remote login with accelerated AMBER or NAMD, all users of those packages need to do is load their models and start simulation.

Cluster Configuration and Data Sheet:

4 1U GPU Compute Nodes: each with 2 Tesla™ M2090 512 core + 6GB GDDR5 ECC GPUs

Total of 5.32 TFLOPs double precision GPU performance  from 4096 CUDA cores (10.64 TFLOPs single) 

48 CPU Cores: 6-core Intel Xeons, up to 3.06Ghz

48GB DDR3 system memory per node

ConnectX-2™ QDR InfiniBand switch

For more information and to register for a benchmarking slot, please visit our benchmarking page.

Visit Microway this week at ACS Annual Meeting, Booth 1912

We managed to depart before Hurricane Irene for the ACS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. Please visit Microway in Booth 1912.

We are displaying Tesla GPU accelerated VMD on the show floor. This includes 3D visualization of DNA moving through a synthetic nanopore using NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro Technology.

For more information, data sheets, and booth description please visit our booth webpage.

Eliot Eshelman at 508-732-5534
Brett Newman at 508-732-5542