New WhisperStations and 3D Printing

QuietQuad WhisperStation - Performance of a Small Cluster at Your Desk

Microway is proud to introduce a groundbreaking new QuietQuad WhisperStation. With four state-of-the-art processors, we bring the the core count of a small cluster to your desk in a quiet chassis. This system addresses your demanding compute needs with:

Unlike many small cluster configurations, no cluster management experience is required. The QuietQuad WhisperStation runs a standard Linux or Windows Server 2012 OS instance. Install your applications after delivery, power it on, and go!

Just because you're designing a race car doesn't mean your workstation should sound like one either. This is not a converted rackmount server chassis: careful design and engineering ensures QuietQuad is just as quiet as our WhisperStation -Tesla configurations.

Learn more about the benefits of using a QuietQuad WhisperStation here.

New WhisperStation-Tesla Configuration: More GPUs, More Expandability

Microway customers shouldn't have to make compromises. Fitting four Tesla GPUs in a quiet workstation configuration normally leaves no room for additional add-in cards or for extra memory. Now, our newest WhisperStation-Tesla configuration removes these constraints.

Even with four GPUs you still have room for 512GB of memory (16 DIMMs) and three more add-on cards, such as RAID, InfiniBand, and video.

Don't need the extra room? We've also debuted a smaller host chassis for our 8-DIMM WhisperStation- Tesla configuration.

With special 4-for-3 pricing on Tesla K40s now through October, it's a great time to increase your productivity with a quiet system that delivers up to 16 TFLOPS and industry leading expansion. The promo allows you to benefit with 25% more performance at the same price. Visit the WhisperStation- Tesla page for more information or sign up for a remote Test Drive.

WhisperStation OC Pro: Performance Enhanced for Single Threaded Professional Applications

Rounding out our new series of professional, quiet workstations is WhisperStation OC Pro. For those interested in four cores but higher clockspeeds, this WhisperStation delivers performance like no other.

Featuring the Intel Core-i7 4800K series CPUs, WhisperStation OC Pro runs up to a staggering 4.5GHz. Quad-channel memory and a server-grade motherboard, combined with Microway's high-quality design, integration, and testing, mean this system's performance and reliability far exceed those of traditional Intel Core workstations.

Single-threaded applications like CAD programs will benefit most from this configuration, so if you're an engineer looking for the fastest processor and memory speeds, be sure to check out the WhisperStation OC Pro.

Microway's 3D Printing Page Redesigned

Customers frequently have questions about how 3D printing can benefit their work, how accessible the software is, and which printer is right for them. We've redesigned our 3D printing page to answer these and more. Interested in learning more about the world of additive manufacturing? Be sure to visit Microway's newly updated 3D printing page.

Show Off Your Cluster!

Microway is grateful for the loyalty that our customers have shown to us over 32 years. We know you take great pride in the research you perform on our systems, so we want to give you an opportunity to share your results. With every newsletter we'll be showcasing a customer's cluster - big or small - explaining what it runs and how it is unique. Customers can submit a photo of their cluster along with details they wish to share with our readership. Please email us at if you are interested. We encourage you to include interesting stories about your cluster and to relate how Microway helped deliver the solution that suited your needs.

For each newsletter going forward, one customer's submission will be featured. That customer will also receive an NVIDIA graphics card for their institution. Next month's giveaway will be an NVIDIA Quadro K2000. Be proud of your work and show off your cluster!

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