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NVIDIA Tesla 50% Discount Ends July 24th!
Microway and NVIDIA are offering up to four Tesla C1060 compute processors for $650 each, plus shipping & handling.  To take advantage of this offer, you will need to apply for a discount code and submit your order before the end of this week.  Apply for your discount code today.  This is a great opportunity to port your compute-intensive applications to GPUs and achieve speedups of 10X to 1000X.  You can learn more by viewing the Microway/NVIDIA technical webcast from earlier this year.

NVIDIA is catching up on C1060 backorders, so if you ordered before June 30th you should expect delivery in the next two weeks.  All orders placed after July 1st will be shipped in August.


Improved GPU Compute Clusters: 2 to 4 GPUs per 1U Node
Microway's GPU clusters are available with up to four GPUs and two Intel "Nehalem" Xeon or AMD "Istanbul" Opteron CPUs per 1U node.  Our new compute nodes hold up to two double-width GPUs (NVIDIA Tesla C1060, NVIDIA GeForce, AMD FireStream 9270) or four single-width GPUs (AMD FireStream 9250 or NVIDIA GeForce).  Featuring a high-efficiency power supply, exceptional cooling and optional InfiniBand or 10G ethernet, these nodes provide impressive, cost-effective compute capability.

Learn more about Microway's GPU WhisperStations, servers and clusters.


Webcast: HPC solutions from Microway based on the latest Six-Core AMD Opteron processor and ATI Stream technology

View the webcast, recorded on June 23, 2009, discussing the latest Opteron features and benefits.  You'll learn about:

View Microway and AMD Webcast


Recent Microway White Papers Online:

AMD Six-Core Opteron Processors
AMD's "Istanbul" Six-Core Opteron processors provide a 30% performance improvement, greatly improve SMP server efficiency and consume the same power as previous generations.


GPU Compute Processors
NVIDIA and ATI provide graphics processors (GPUs) for general purpose computation in fields including molecular modeling, computational finance, computational fluid dynamics, energy exploration, and multimedia processing.  Learn more about the features these GPUs provide and what amount of speedup you can expect for your applications.


Intel Quad-Core Xeon 5500-series Processors
Intel "Nehalem" Quad-Core Xeon processors offer over twice the performance of previous Xeon generations while using 30% less power.  Nehalem also features greatly improved memory throughput, hyperthreading, turbo boost and new SSE instructions.


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New Microway Sales Person
We're welcoming Brett Newman to our sales team.  Brett received his BA from Tufts University and has both technical and international business expertise.  He spent a significant amount of time studying and working in Japan.  Give him a call at 508-732-5542 or meet him face-to-face at SC09 in Portland, Oregon.


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