Tesla K40 4-for-3 Sale and an Intel Knights Landing Webinar

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Special Sale: Buy Four Tesla K40s for the Price of Three

Microway has been very excited about the K40, ever since its release at SC13. Twelve gigabytes of memory and 2,880 CUDA cores provide a lot of processing capability for scientific simulations. To make it easier for our customers to harness the power of the K40, we're offering customers special pricing: you can buy four K40s for the price of three! Configure a Tesla K40 4-for-3 solution today.

Some of you may have already leveraged this special sale in your recent quotes and orders. Customers can order these accelerators in a single-socket or dual-socket WhisperStation, where all four receive PCI-E x16 3.0 links. Should you want your GPUs to exist in a data center environment, Microway offers up to three Tesla GPUs in a 1U server, up to four in a 2U, and up to eight in a 4U.

All of our servers come fully tested and integrated, so they're ready for your code the moment they come out of the box. They also come with our new GPU-Checker utility that tests the health of your GPUs and reports any errors, all through an intuitive and powerful GUI.

LS-DYNA and RAPID Conferences in Detroit Last Week

With over 650 attendees, the 13th LS-DYNA International Conference brought users from all over the world to learn more about this finite element simulation software and to share their experiences. Representatives from The Big Three of the US automotive industry were there, along with their relevant partners and suppliers, due to the extensive use of LS-DYNA for crash simulation. Because this was a working conference, attendees had the opportunity to interact more with presenters and to participate in meaningful workshops. We learned more about the excellent scalability and parallelism of the LS-DYNA software, which translates well from a single system to an MPI environment. Our twelve-core WhisperStation was a popular attraction, impressing many with its high SPECviewperf benchmark scores and silent operation.

This year's RAPID conference on 3D printing and additive manufacturing was also very successful. Over 3,400 people attended the show, all of them eager to see the latest 3D printing technology. Our exhibit of a WhisperStation for design and additive manufacturing engineers was next to DMG Mori's. They displayed the output of their exciting hybrid laser 3D printer that is able to perform both additive and subtractive manufacturing for actual machine parts. The big hitters in the industry displayed new products such as rubber material from Stratasys and a full-color plastic 3D printer from 3D Systems.

If you're interested in learning more about 3D printing, please visit our MakerBot product page.

Learn About the Next Generation Xeon Phi -

The Faster Path to Discovery:
New Details on the Intel Xeon Phi Product Family

Intel will present a webinar on the next-generation Xeon Phi architecture, code named "Knights Landing." Taking place on June 24, this webinar offers you an exciting opportunity to learn new details about this upcoming product. We encourage our customers to attend. Follow this link to sign up.

"CUB in Action" Blog Post

If you've read our previous blog post on CUB, you're already familiar with the capabilities of CUB, a library that allows CUDA programmers low-level access to both kernel and device components. Our latest Blog Post on CUB includes examples of the library's capabilities, including measurements of both performance and programming ease. If you're interested in taking your CUDA code to the next level, be sure not to miss this post.

Microway's Brett Newman Interviewed by Tech Insight

Brett Newman shares with Tech Insight how he designed a customized cluster solution for the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, New Jersey. Brett describes the system configuration and also touches on how Microway was able to fully integrate a special Linux distribution that was specific to the customer's needs. At Microway, we treat every customer's configuration as unique and have the technical capabilities to fulfill even the most specialized requests.

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