Microway HPC Times June 10, 2010

New AMD and Intel Cluster Platforms Now Shipping;
Microway/NVIDIA Tesla Fermi Webinar June 21 at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern

New platform releases have changed cluster pricing economics.
Highest memory bandwidth, Lowest cost per core
AMD Opteron 6100 CPUs in 4P configurations:
Faster clock speeds at lower cost
Intel Xeon 5600 CPUs in 2P configurations:
Balanced, Cost-Effective Clusters
AMD Opteron 6100 CPUs in 2P configurations:
Contact us for a quote on these configurations; all are available with GPU compute processors.
Save the date: Microway and NVIDIA Fermi Architecture Webinar on June 21st
On Monday, June 21st at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern Microway and NVIDIA will host a webinar. Stay tuned for an e-mail next week with more details and a link for registration.
NVIDIA Announces End of Educational Pricing Promotion
After July, NVIDIA will no longer offer a 25% discount to academic institutions.
Microway will continue to quote and sell NVIDIA Tesla products with the 25% university discount through the month of July. Please work with your purchasing department to have all orders in to Microway by July 29th. Late orders cannot be accepted, as NVIDIA has placed a strict cutoff date for these discounts. Fax and email orders will ensure prompt processing.
Academic customers may pre-order not-yet-released Tesla products with the 25% discount - please contact your Microway sales representative to make the arrangements.
NVIDIA Tesla Products Releasing in Q2 and Q3 2010
Tesla S2050 GPU Compute Servers
Tesla C2070 GPUs - Pre-order Now
Tesla C2050, C1060 and M1060 are shipping now.
Thank You HPCS '10!
We've just returned from a successful exhibit with NVIDIA at HPCS '10 in Toronto. Microway enjoyed meeting present and future Canadian customers and we particularly valued the high quality of discussions and inquiries.
GPGPU Architecture Camparison
Successfully accelerating your applications using GPUs requires the right hardware platform. Learn more in our GPGPU Architecture Camparison.
Seeking Success Stories
Scores of customers anecdotally share their cluster successes on Microway technology with us. If you would like to share your story or projects that leverage Microway hardware either privately or with others who read this newsletter, please email sales@microway.com
Accelerate your research!
Take advantage of our expertise: we can recommend the most effective compute solutions, help you plan a painless installation, and deliver fully-tested/fully-integrated clusters, servers and workstations.

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