NVIDIA News, Microway on the Road, and a Customer Story

New GPU Starter DevKit with OpenACC

Microway is pleased to introduce the new WhisperStation GPU Starter DevKit with OpenACC. The starter kit enables you to quickly bring the power of GPU computing to your code. The bundle includes an NVIDIA Tesla K20-equipped WhisperStation and a license for PGI Accelerator C/C++/Fortran Compilers with OpenACC. After providing hints to the compiler as to the parallel sections of your code, the PGI Compiler optimizes for execution on the Tesla K20 GPU.

Starting at less than $5,000, the GPU Starter DevKit with OpenACC is a fast and affordable on-ramp to the GPU-performance highway!

CUDA 6 and New Tesla K40 Promotion

Last month, NVIDIA released the latest version of its GPU software development kit, CUDA 6. This exciting release includes many new features such as unified memory, additional drop-in libraries, improved multi-GPU scaling, and all-together faster performance. CUDA 6 also brings an updated Visual Profiler that makes it easier than ever to locate areas of your code for optimization.

There's never been a better time to start taking advantage of the power that GPUs bring to your code. We're now offering a special Microway Tesla K40 GPU promotion on new orders of 4 or more units. If you haven't refreshed your Tesla K40 quote in over a month, contact us again and learn how much you can save.

Finally, we'd like to point out that GPU support for HPC applications continues to rapidly expand, now with AMBER v14 taking advantage of the technology. Not sure how much your applications can benefit from GPU acceleration? Schedule a test drive on our benchmark cluster and find out.

Introducing Microway's GPU-Checker Test Utility

Microway is proud to introduce the most recent addition to its suite of HPC applications: GPU-Checker. This graphical utility runs comprehensive GPU tests that stress both the GPU and its memory, simulating the heaviest workloads possible. In addition, the software identifies problems such as memory errors, overheating, and PCIe discrepancies, making it easy to discover potential issues on your workstation or cluster.

GPU-Checker is available for both WhisperStations and clusters equipped with NVIDIA Tesla and Quadro GPUs. Visit the product page for more information or contact one of our GPU experts.

CUDA UnBound (CUB) Blog Post

If you already use GPUs in your work but are interested in learning new optimization techniques, let our CUDA expert Justin Foley introduce you to CUDA UnBound (CUB). Justin explains how CUDA programmers should not feel daunted by major architectural shifts, such as moving from Fermi to Kepler to Maxwell. Instead, they should try using libraries like CUB that make kernel manipulation much more accessible.

Be sure to also check out Justin's whitepaper: CUDA Code Migration from Fermi to Kepler.

Microway On The Road

Microway has been keeping a busy trade show and conference schedule. We recently displayed our life science HPC offerings at the 2014 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo. Our 3D-printed molecules turned a lot of heads, as did the CPU/GPU benchmark comparison on our WhisperStation.

From June 8-10, we'll be in Dearborn, Michigan for the 13th LS-DYNA® International Conference. LS-DYNA is a multiphysics simulation software package that supports GPU acceleration and has significant applications within the area of finite element analysis.

That same week we'll be in Detroit for the RAPID Conference and Exposition. RAPID showcases the latest breakthroughs in additive manufacturing and 3D printing within many industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronic.

What Does Our Slogan "We Speak HPC" Really Mean?

One of the reasons we've been successful for over thirty-two years is that we bring real HPC expertise to our customers. For example, one of our clients had a cluster head node go down at 5:20 PM on a Friday evening. Our technical staff remotely accessed the system as a courtesy and diagnosed the problem: a corrupt Linux /var/cache directory. They were able to reconstruct the directory structure and get the cluster up and running again in about an hour.

Stories like this one demonstrate not only how seriously we address customer problems, but also the depth of our HPC understanding. We normally try to be modest, but at the same time we are very proud of the high level of service that we're able to deliver.

Tech Tidbits

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