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Network Performance Report!
HPC Times - April 2008

How good is your MPI?
Try MPI Link-Checker and See

In many HPC applications, a single slow node can reduce the performance of the whole cluster by 50% or more! Our free cluster network test will determine if your cluster is operating correctly. Issues detected include loose connections, poor cabling and incorrect software configurations.

  • Visit
  • Compile and run Microway's batch mode MPI program
    • Simple instructions - requires about 2 seconds for each node
  • Upload the output file for your free performance report
    • Network health analysis
    • Comparisons with our test clusters
    • Suggestions for improving performance
    • MPI Link-Checker screenshot of your cluster

MPI Link-Checker Output
Identifies Problem Nodes

MPI Link-Checker graphically identifies network problems. Latency and bandwidth are separated, providing a detailed analysis of cluster performance.

Microway is keenly focused on providing GREEN technologies, many of which also bring side benefits:

  • WhisperStation gives you high performance for compute-intensive applications without the noise. Our new lower RPM fans and quiet, high-efficiency power supply are less power hungry, resulting in both energy efficiency and drastically reduced noise pollution.
  • Our negative pressure chassis exhausts air efficiently, providing lower internal operating temperatures. Microway's fully-populated, well-cooled compute nodes and cabinets won't compromise the longevity of your cluster.
  • During software integration and test, we insure that your new server or cluster is operating at peak performance. Even small oversights in software settings can result in significant performance losses, which waste your time and electricity.

Microway clusters are now shipping with AMD's re-designed Quad-Core Opteron processors. Utilizing four upgraded 128-bit floating point units, the Quad-Core Opteron provides significant performance improvement.

Microway Servers and WhisperStations provide up to 8 Quad-Core AMD® or up to 4 Quad-Core INTEL® CPUs. Low power CPUs, achieving the same performance in a smaller thermal envelope, are also available. New solid state drives offer lower latency, increased throughput and reduced energy consumption.

Microway is offering several new components to bring increased performance to your applications:

Add TFLOPS per node with up to 4 GPUs!
Model GFLOPS Memory Mem. Bandwidth
8800 GT 336 512 MB 58 GB/s
9800 GX2 768 1024 MB 128 GB/s
FX 3700 280 512 MB 51 GB/s
Tesla 500 1536 MB 77 GB/s

Solid State Drives (SSD) offer low latency.
Model Max Size Throughput Latency Seek
SATA 1000 GB 85 MB/s 4.0 ms 8.5 ms
SAS 300 GB 105 MB/s 2.0 ms 3.5 ms
SSD 40 GB *125 MB/s 0.15 ms 0.0 ms
* Manufacturer's Specifications

8GB DIMMs provide up to 256GB memory.
Size Memory Speed System FSB
2GB DDR2-800/667 1600/1333MHz
4GB DDR2-800/667 1600/1333MHz
8GB DDR2-533 1066MHz
TriCom-X Dual-Port DDR InfiniBand HCA
with ConnectX Technology
  • 1.2 microsecond Latency
  • 1400 MB/s Bandwidth on each Port
  • PCI-Express 2.0 x8
  • NodeWatch Remote Fan and Temperature Monitoring
  • NodeWatch Remote Power and Reset Control
  • "Switchless" Serial Console Provides Direct Access to Nodes
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