Microway April 2010 News Brief
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AMD, Intel and NVIDIA have each made major product releases over the past 4 weeks. All are described below and are immediately available in Microway's fully-integrated clusters, servers and WhisperStations. Whether you need a budgetary quote, immediate delivery or technical advice, we are here for you.
We have published a new in-depth technical analysis of GPU architectures and performance - click here.
Microway will be running life-science applications on NVIDIA Tesla "Fermi" GPUs at BioIT World Expo.
Visit us in Booth 116 on April 20-22 in Boston.
AMD Opteron 6100-series Processors (formerly "Magny Cours")

12-Core Opteron Processor
Microway's new 2- and 4-socket Navion WhisperStations, servers and clusters introduce the most cost-effective computational platforms ever.
View AMD Opteron 6100-series benchmarks.
Microway is offering special pricing on 4-socket Opteron servers for the remainder of the month. A 1U SMP server/compute node with 32 processor cores, 32GB memory and two 500GB enterprise drives is just $4,595!
Learn more about Microway's New Opteron products.
Intel Xeon 5600-series Processors (formerly "Westmere")
Building on the success of the Xeon 5500-series "Nehalem" processors, the new 5600-series Xeons offer increased performance, memory throughput and core counts without increasing power consumption or cost.
View Intel Xeon 5600-series HPC benchmarks.

4-Way Xeon SMP Server
Intel Xeon 7500-series Processors (formerly "Nehalem-EX")
Designed for 4-Way SMP Servers
The Xeon 7500-series processors are designed for maximum performance and reliability. Available in 4-socket SMP servers, they provide capabilities never seen before in x86-based servers.
View Intel Xeon 7500-series HPC benchmarks.

Learn more about Microway's New Xeon products.
NVIDIA Tesla C2050 "Fermi" Compute Processors

GPGPU Architecture Analysis
NVIDIA's long-awaited Tesla GPU based on the Fermi architecture will be released this month. Customers with pre-orders in place will be receiving their cards in the coming weeks. Those considering a Tesla purchase are urged to place their order soon, as the new cards will be delivered on a first-come, first-served basis starting 4/28/2010. C2070, S2050 and S2070 products will be available in Q3 2010.
Learn more about running life science applications on Tesla GPUs:
NVIDIA Bio Workbench
Learn more about Microway's Tesla GPU-based workstations and clusters.
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