GPU-accelerated Electromagnetics, 3D Printing and 48-core 1TB Xeon Servers

Microway's New GPU-Accelerated Workstation for CST STUDIO SUITE

Microway is proud to introduce a new GPU-accelerated system configured and optimized for CST STUDIO SUITE. Able to function as a workstation or a server, Microway's hardware has been tested and validated by CST to run its full wave electromagnetic simulation software. The transient, integral equation, transmission line matrix (TLM) and particle-in-cell (PIC) solvers all support GPU processing using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. With the transient solver, integral equation solver and TLM solver, up to 8 GPU cards can be used in parallel, allowing even greater speed-up. Using Microway's systems, CST reports performance improvements of 4-5x per GPU over using CPUs alone.

CST's results can be found here. To read further details regarding CST's High Performance Computing options visit

MakerBot 3D Printers Now Available Through Microway

Let Microway help you enter the world of additive manufacturing with MakerBot 3D printers. Available as standalone products or bundled with our award-winning WhisperStation computers, these 3D printers will help bring your designs to life quickly and easily.

As a special bonus to customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we are offering a two-hour "Introduction to 3D Printing" with our mechanical engineer. He will teach you how to create and print a 3D part, how to use the MakerWare software, and the best practices you should employ when using and maintaining a 3D printer.

Take advantage of Microway's 3D printing expertise and see for yourself how this technology can optimize your designs and prototypes easily. Industries which will benefit from 3D printing include:

Mechanical Engineering: Creating parts and prototypes
Biotech: Modeling Human Insulin Protein
Healthcare: Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Visit Microway at GTC 2014 (Booth 913)

NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference takes place next week in San Jose March 24-27, but it's still not too late to sign up. For a 20% discount on the conference, just use the following discount code: X14G20GUEST

If you're unsure what you could be missing, take a look at some videos from GTC 2013. This year's conference is packed with tutorials to help you get more out of GPU computing and over 500 deep-dive sessions.

Microway is a silver sponsor this year and we'll be having three round table discussions with GPU experts:

Roundtables with the Experts at Booth 913

Best Practices for Maintaining Healthy GPU Clusters GPU-driven Developments in Lattice QCD Designing Systems for GPU Performance
Eliot Eshelman, Technical Account Manager, GPU Cluster Administrator Justin Foley, Core Contributor to QUDA Library for MILC Brett Newman, Technical Sales, Systems Architect, Microway
Tuesday, 11:30am-12:30pm Wednesday, 12:30pm-1:30pm Thursday, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Also, visit our booth for a chance to win an NVIDIA Quadro K4000, courtesy of PNY!

HPC Blog Post

Intel E5-4600v2 Quad-Socket Review

The new Xeon E5-4600v2 processors are here! The new CPUs allow us to deliver up to 48 cores and 1TB of memory in our 4-socket NumberSmasher Quadputer Xeon Servers.

Following up on our popular E5-2600v2 review, we analyze the new E5-4600v2 CPUs with focus on HPC performance. Our experts share expertise on new features, upgrade options from older systems, and more for these quad-socket processors.

The performance results achieved so far have been quite impressive. Benchmark numbers suggest that even the low-end 8-core Xeon E5-4610v2 CPUs will stand up against the best of the dual-socket "Ivy Bridge" Xeon CPUs and the most costly models of the previous-generation "Sandy Bridge" quad-socket CPUs.

Read about the Xeon E5-4600v2 series and other HPC solutions on our blog.

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