As we enter 2008, our 26th year in HPC, we want to share some new technologies with our customers. We thank you for your support in the past and pledge to continue providing you with high-quality, innovative solutions and technical support.


Microway/NVIDIA Initiatives for HPC
A Teraflop Breakthrough!

HPC Times
March 05, 2008

Microway® Clusters and WhisperStations seamlessly integrate the Revolutionary NVIDIA® Tesla™ solutions, solving the world’s most important HPC challenges with a massively multi-threaded, parallel-computing architecture and the NVIDIA CUDA™ C language environment and tools suite.

Tesla CardMicroway first demonstrated Tesla HPC Nodes at SC07. As a premier NVIDIA PartnerForce member, Microway worked closely with NVIDIA on this launch. Microway has already delivered cluster nodes leveraging this breakthrough technology.

Tesla has 128 SP FPUs, 1.5 Gbytes DDR3 DRAM, and a CUDA C Library. With the C support and extensibility, custom applications are achieving more than 10x performance. An NVIDIA 1U expansion chassis is available that accelerates applications with up to 1000 GFLOPS (1 TeraFlop).

WhisperStation The WhisperStation™ ultra-quiet workstation for deskside HPC, engineering, design, rendering and visualization. 2 to 8 Opteron or Xeon cores, 1 or 2 NVIDIA CUDA compatible graphics cards (TESLA and Quadro GPUs), plus up to 64 GBytes DDR2 and eight 1TB hard drives. Starting under $2,000.

Microway goes GREEN! New technologies are saving your energy dollars: >80% efficiency power supplies, energy miser fans with active management, high efficiency processors, dual dynamic power management, and NodeWatch™ remote power shutdown and reboot!

We are now offering 1U four-way Quad-Core Xeon and Opteron nodes for intensely compact cluster designs. As an AMD Platinum Partner, Microway will be one of the first to deliver the new and improved Quad-Core AMD Opterons. Please call for details.

Microway Cluster
Microway Navion™ 4U 8-way Quad-Core servers support up to 32 cores in 1 box! This server includes 1620 Watt N+1 redundant power supplies and up to 8 drive bays.

ServaStor™ server supports 1 TB drives and provides storage densities up to 48 TB in 4U. System interfaces include InfiniBand, Gigabit Ethernet and FibreChannel supporting both NAS and SAN approaches.

8 Gbyte 2-Rank DDR2 DIMMS have been qualified for certain motherboards. If larger memory is your limiting factor, ask us about new 8GB DDR2 DIMMS - 1U servers can be configured with up to 256 Gbytes

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InfiniBand Switches and HCAs


TriCom™ ConnectX™ InfiniBand DDR HCA:

  • 1.2 µs latency between nodes
  • 1800 GBytes/sec throughput
  • 24, 36 and 48 port modular, stackable switches
  • 24 port switch cross-sectional bandwidth 960 Gbits/sec
  • InfiniScope™ advanced real-time diagnostics and recording

Microway's MPI Link-Checker™ parallel version is now available. Torque compatible. Find performance problems visually on any cluster interconnect!

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