Microway March 2010 News Brief
It's Time for Hardware Refresh

New hardware released in 2010 will be available in Microway's product offerings. Fresh CPUs from AMD and Intel will arrive; Tesla Fermi GPUs from NVIDIA are also queued up. We'll update our press release pages with new products, the Microway homepage, and send email blasts as they become available.
Microway WhisperStation-PSC with Jacket
Tap the power of GPUs without becoming a GPU computing expert
You've asked for a preconfigured system paired with AccelerEyes Jacket. We'll deliver it with fast, easy Google Checkout payment; complete with the hardware and software to accelerate code
written with your existing MATLAB license.
Purchase Microway Green Storage Servers 32TB RAW for $11,500
2TB Enterprise-class drives are now available and cost-effective. Build larger RAIDs at lower cost with Microway!
NVIDIA Tesla Fermi Die
NVIDA Tesla Fermi Die
and Datasheet
Upcoming products
White Papers, Trade Shows

Win 48 free Opteron CPU cores: enter AMD's "What would you do with 48 cores?" contest by March 24

Accelerate your research!
Take advantage of our expertise: we can recommend the most effective compute solutions, help you plan a painless installation, and deliver fully-tested/fully-integrated clusters, servers and workstations (all available with QDR InfiniBand and GPUs from NVIDIA).

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