Thanks to those who visited us at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

At AAAS Microway exhibited NVIDIA based products including our WhisperStation- Tesla PSC and our 1U GPU Server. Demonstrations of a GPU-accelerated medical imaging application from our customers at Partners Healthcare and GPU-accelerated MATLAB were well received. One lucky researcher received an NVIDIA Quadro® 4000 GPU in our show drawing.

We are looking forward to seeing customers at the following conferences this spring:
Benchmarking hardware is as always available for you to remotely test configurations. We have Tesla, Opteron, and Xeon based systems for you to utilize, and we're still offering life science benchmarking with NVIDIA Tesla under the GPU Test Drive Program.
Invitation to an NVIDIA Sponsored LIVE Lecture on March 3:

Key Algorithm Techniques for Heterogeneous Computing
Professor Wen-mei Hwu; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tesla C2070 Promo: $400 off new orders
Microway Extended Platinum Membership in the New 2011 Intel® Technology Provider Program
New SKUs of Intel Xeon 5600 Series CPUs Announced
Higher Performance for AMD Opteron 12 and 8 Core CPUs

Preview: AMD's New Bulldozer Core Architecture

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