Microway January 2010 News Brief
Supercomputing News You Can Use

With the huge increase in government funding now becoming available, we look forward to a prosperous year for high performance computing. The latest multi-core CPUs, high-power GPUs and QDR InfiniBand will provide higher returns on your investment than ever before. Stay tuned for more information on new products this year.
Just One Week Left: Be the First to Receive NVIDIA's Fermi GPUs!
NVIDIA "Fermi" Tesla GPUs provide many feature enhancements: ECC support, full double-precision computation (8x faster than previous generation), enhanced precision via fused multiply-add instructions and GDDR5 memory with twice the bandwidth of GDDR3. Learn more.
Don't Pass Up Significant Performance Improvements
Accelerate Life Sciences
New GPU applications, libraries and tools are being released each day. Many users may take advantage of GPUs simply by upgrading their software. Others can re-link their application to a GPU-enabled math library. Explore the resources below or contact us to learn more or request GPU benchmarking for your application.
Check out Microway's SMP Servers with AMD Opterons and Optional ATI GPUs
Microway Quadputer
Accelerate your research!
Take advantage of our expertise: we can recommend the most effective compute solutions, help you plan a painless installation, and deliver fully-tested/fully-integrated clusters, servers and workstations (all available with QDR InfiniBand and GPUs from ATI and NVIDIA).

Corporate Charitable Giving in 2009
Microway and its owners made donations to the following charities:

American Cancer Society        American Red Cross
Boys and Girls Club (Plymouth, MA)        Brigham and Womens Hospital (Boston, MA)
Cranberry Hospice        Harvard University GSED
Interlochen Center for the Arts        Jordan Hospital (Plymouth, MA)
Make A Wish Foundation        Memorial Sloan Kettering
Rotary International        Doctors Without Borders
ShelterBox USA        The Jimmy Fund
The Wheelchair Foundation              

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Brett Newman at 508-732-5542
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